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United Nude Spring/Summer 2012 with the 20% discount!

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As one of the fans and admirers of United Nude‘ s innovative footwear signature I am very glad to announce that you can buy the models from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection with 20% discount at WWW.MADNESS-CLOTHING.COM online store.  All you need is to use discount code ” EDELSCOPE ” at the checkout on the store and the shoes are yours!

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Iris van Herpen X United Nude – FANG shoes

The awe-inspiring collaboration of talented fashion designer with innovative footwear brand just cannot go wrong especially when we think about the fusion of fashion and art in a wearable manner. Following the example of fruitful collaboration such as Iris van Herpen with United Nude served for the 5th time, there is a great scope for amazement in fashion going much further than just chic attributes and stylish manner of dress code.

When Iris van Herpen joins the forces with United Nude, we are introduced into the symbiosis of art, technology and design that clearly follow fashion aesthetics as well. The fifth collaboration of this talented designer with ultra modern shoe brand resulted in a FANG model. The design features the composition of 10 sharp teeth on the platform of each shoe. Maintained in a wedge convention, the model is crafted from fiberglass and carbon fiber constructed in a slow molding process.

The design of the shoes pursues peculiar yet captivating concept of the collection highly influenced by the scientific photography by Steve Gschmeissner. Transferring the vision of microscopic species into the garment code, Iris created breathtaking collection of sculptural pieces that perfectly accompany with the FANG shoe model. It was also a perfect occasion to display unique signature of Iris van Herpen. The collection for Spring/Summer 2012 season was presented in Paris where the designer was invited as an official guest of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture for the second time.

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Well-known collaborations of experimental footwear United Nude with inventive designers are not only the specialty of the brand that mixes brilliant ideas and talents. The creative teamwork usually enables to compose from head-to-toe artistic expression on the runway that will highlight the uniqueness of the fashion designer and exceptionally of the shoes.

United Nude joined  the forces with Dutch fashion designer – Mattijs van Bergen, named as “one of the most promising designers “ according to British Vogue and “Crown prince of Dutch Fashion” as written by Dutch Elle. Mattijs after receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the institute of Fine Arts in Arnhem, he continued with a Masters Degree at the Central Saint Martins College in London. In 2008 he launched MATTIJS label that reflects at the noteworthy curvaceous signature of the designer fusing with a fresh feminine structure. Playing with sculptural pleating and well-formed tailoring Mattijs builds up his own definition of style with neoclassical designs. The costumes Autumn/ Winter 2012- 2013 are the essence of edgy elegance with distinctive color function, fine craftsmanship and selection of fabrics at its highest quality. The collection is accompanied with United Nude’s exclusive limited edition of outstanding high heels maintained in the sculptural convention of the designers’ concept.

Rem D Koolhaas, Creative Director United Nude, said: “Mattijs and United Nude have been talking about collaborating for a while and now was the right time. Even though this is already our third collaboration with a Dutch designer this year, we went for it. Joining forces in the creative field is part of the United Nude spirit and we are proud to be perhaps one of the most collaborative brands in the industry.”

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GlamBite: United Nude Spring/Summer 2012 – Geisha Hi

United Nude Spring/Summer 2012 - Geisha Hi

Geisha Hi – color blocking concept with Japaneese inspired shoe model depicts interesting clash of futuristic inclinations with the tribute to the rich origins. Perfect for strong fashion statement during summer days on the scorching sun. Vivid splash of hues just spice up the idyllic vibe.

preview of the collection HERE 

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United Nude Spring/Summer 2012 – New Comers on the board.

Web Hi

It’s very simple to get indulged into the architectural footwear innovations by United Nude. Extraordinary designs, captivating ideas and strong fashion statement in one indicate the signature of United Nude label.  With the growing community of style enthusiast since the origins in 2003, United Nude constantly amazes with new designs as well as the brand “classics” including astonishing “Fold” models.  The forthcoming season Spring/Summer 2012 designates the idea of affordable luxury of “Sensational Elevation” theme with the conceptual originality visible in forms, palette of colours as well as the sole area. Gorgeous designs include a wide range of newcomers with significant names – Web, 90 Degrees,  Remix and Crazy Lacy.

The Web model specifies unusual framework structure that clashes the idea of classical wedge with the metal web-shaped sole and laser cut leather upper. As a result the optical illusion forms a column of an air in the heel area. The design is also an excellent homage to the intricate miracle of the nature – the spider network artistry.

90 Degrees

90 Degrees as the signature heel is the outcome of the architectural resemblance to the simple symmetry. The design consists of the mixture of materials like leather, wood, rubber and the carbon fiber heel that combine magical effect of 90 degrees angle. The mathematical precision balances between finesse and power of the model fusing the concept of the classical wedge and sophisticated stiletto.

Geisha Hi

Geisha as the previous year revelation of the iconic designs is coming back to the podium with the new edition. Enriched with new combinations of hues Japanese inspired platform presents colour blocking twist and chunky design on high and mid height.

Crazy Lacy

From heel to toe lacing statement defines the United Nude’s flamboyance in Crazy Lacy design. Inspired by classic hiking gear this high-heeled ankle booty makes undisputable fashion statement.

Elastic Remix Hi

Imaginative mishmash of eleven straps put a stamp on the Remix design with vivid set of colours. The design is available in three heel heights merging with the intricate bond of colours blocking straps and textured finish.

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Fashion Inspiration: Iris van Herpen Spring/Summer 2012 Haute Couture inspired by the scientific photography of Steve Gschmeissner.

Iris van Herpen Spring/Summer 2012 Haute Couture
Human Flea - photography by Steve Gschmeissner

Iris van Herpen is young and very talented fashion designer that infuses her scope of creativity blurring the vision between fashion, art and technology. She successfully joins machinery with the tribute to the traditional craftsmanship and precious handwork.  Her collections are the presentations of the light vision of avant-garde that successfully conquers Parisian Haute Couture. As the graduate of the ArtEZ Insitute of the Arts in Arnhem in Netherlands in 2006 followed by thriving intern in Alexander McQueen, she decided to launch eponymous label in 2007. After that her indisputable talent and individuality on the fashion stage has been recognized at international level and awarded by professionals including Dutch Fashion Awards, RADO Young Designer Awards. She became also a member of the esteemed Chambre Syndical de la Haute Couture.

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Iris van Herpen X United Nude SS11

The second collaboration between prolific designer Iris van Herpen and architecturally experimental shoe brand United Nude gives a fruitful result of artistry and imagination.  The collection is released in two versions of ankle booties – a complex wave of leather detailing and elegantly drapped with thin chains.
For sure both will be effecively stunning. Take a look on my article appeared in TRENDLAND MAGAZINE if you like to know more about this interesting collab.

The creative director of United Nude explains the collaboration with Iris: “Working with Iris and being an admirer of her work has been a real pleasure. The result of our collaboration this season is truly about facilitating her captivating work in fashion. Yet in the process the shoe that we together create is a product that stands on its own and gets attention for all the right reasons.”

For those fashionistas who want to purchase some of 100 limited edition pairs may find them at Browns in London, l’Eclaireur in Paris and IT in Hong Kong, United Nude’s own flagship stores
in New York, Amsterdam, Shanghai and the soon to be opened store in London (also available at: http://www.unitednude.com/).

 Worth mentioning is the fact the shoes are precisely hancrafted from the luxurious leather fabrics available in three colours: Black, Off White and Tan.

Images: Couresy of United Nude