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TECH: How to keep your garage secure?

Anna Selezneva Rocks Biker Style for Vogue Paris November 2012 by Lachlan Bailey2
Anna Selezneva for Vogue Paris November 2012 by Lachlan Bailey

How to keep your garage secure

Garage doors are often a weak point in home security and can give thieves easy access to a home. According to a report by ASecureLife, almost 10% of burglars break in via the garage, so it is important that homeowners take a few preventative measures to secure and reinforce doors, windows and other entry points to enhance security. Continue reading “TECH: How to keep your garage secure?”

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Cars: The world’s fastest electric car – Concept_One.

rimac-sideWho would suppose that one of the fastest cars could originate from Croatia? Well, the Croatian carmaker Rimac Automobili recently released the digital unveiling of their latest creation – Concept_One. Continue reading “Cars: The world’s fastest electric car – Concept_One.”


TECH: Tips for women on how to break into the tech industry

chromat-ss2015-lookbook-trendland-450x299Tips for women on how to break into the tech industry

The tech industry is considered one of the fastest-growing industries globally. However, it still largely remains a male-dominated sector. Although the gap between the genders has been steadily reducing in the past few years, women are still underrepresented in tech. Continue reading “TECH: Tips for women on how to break into the tech industry”

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BICYCLE: GI FLYBIKE – The fly-folding electric bike.

GI FLYBIKE  – the first fly-folding electric bike that encapsulate all the requisite features for city commuting. Super comfortable, stylish and latest technology – friendly vehicle. sunset, bar Continue reading “BICYCLE: GI FLYBIKE – The fly-folding electric bike.”

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DESIGN: Midnight Planetarium Van Cleef & Arpels.


Sophisticated craftsmanship, sharp precision and mesmerizing design of macrocosmos in micro edition… Ladies and Gentleman – Midnight Planetarium Van Cleef & Arpels is about to showcase with the sublime presentation of high-fashion accessory. Continue reading “DESIGN: Midnight Planetarium Van Cleef & Arpels.”

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Video: 3D video of the Midnight Planétarium Poetic Complication™

Midnight-Planetarium-Van-Cleef-Arpels_13D video of the Midnight Planétarium Poetic Complication™ Continue reading “Video: 3D video of the Midnight Planétarium Poetic Complication™”

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Video: How to park your bike in Japan?

How to park your bike in Japan? The technology of this beautiful country exceeds everyone’s expectations. Take a glimpse into the video revealing the techonolgial hint in Japanese way.

How to park your bike in downtowns Japan_1 Continue reading “Video: How to park your bike in Japan?”

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Video: Fractal-living Jewelry.

The wearable technology is one of the most  captivating and prophetic fashion trends that are about to come.

Continue reading “Video: Fractal-living Jewelry.”

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DESIGN: Kinetic ‘Insecta’ Lamps by U-Ram Choe.

At first sight, it looks like a meticulous construction that was created with the passion to every single detail and impressive knowledge about technology and design. Continue reading “DESIGN: Kinetic ‘Insecta’ Lamps by U-Ram Choe.”

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Panono – all together with the enigmatic name and shape – is an amazing throwable camera that enables to take panoramic pictures. Continue reading “TECH: PANONO PANORAMIC BALL CAMERA.”

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FASHION: Samsung Fall 2015 Lookbook by Steven Klein.

Continue reading “FASHION: Samsung Fall 2015 Lookbook by Steven Klein.”

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Tech: XDdesign Window solar charger.

XDdesign Window solar charger.4 Continue reading “Tech: XDdesign Window solar charger.”

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Design: Smart E-Bike electric bike.

smart-e-bike (1)

As the passionate cyclist and sport lover I am very keen on innovations that cirle around the bicycling field.  The latest technology wit from Smart that is fashion-forward simultaneously is a wonderul E-bike invention-Smart E-Bike. Smart collaborated with a specialized electric bike manufacturer, Berlin Based Grace that created super- economical and sustainable The Smart E-Bike. The bicycle has a 250 watt electric motor which gives the opportunity to accelerate the bike at a speed about 25 km per hour and more. Continue reading “Design: Smart E-Bike electric bike.”

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Fashion Designer: Issey Miyake Autumn/Winter 2012 – “Mineral Miracle”

Complex harmony of the technological wit, Japanese craftsmanship and innovative approach indicate the main attributes of the impressive performance under the signature of Issey Miyake for Autumn/Winter 2012 season. Entitled with the meaningful theme of “Mineral Miracle”, the collection showcased the pleating revolution of the house with a new textile presentation called “Steam Stretch”. The concept of the collection depicted a gradual process influenced by the intrinsic power and the beauty of the minerals. Pleating diversity merged with the technology was cleverly accompanied with live performance music by Open Reel Ensemble.  The music impressions are composed in unique and original method visualizing the “Mineral Miracle” vibe featuring sounds from sewing and weaving machines in addition to live stream sampling.

The inventive nature of the “Steam Stretch” is a mixture of creative approach and advanced techniques composed in pre-designed and programmed procedure. The fabrics composed from silk and stretch yarn have highly transformative characteristics thanks to the application of the steam finish. As presented on the prelude of the fashion show the squares of fabrics, apparently insignificant are artfully modified into sinuous costumes. The twin concept of “Mineral Stretch” differs only with the composition of wool and stretch yarn. With the same steam method the woven fabrics shrunk to create an undulating framework unveiling a hybrid effect of pleat and knit type.

Stepping in to the phase of the “Diamond Cut”, A-POC method takes the reigns over the fabrics formulating a graphic wave resembling the crystallization of quartz. The airy impression coats are equipped with pockets in a graphic cut forming a catchy collage.

The use of the special machine enhances interesting “Ore” stage showcasing fine jersey outfits altered with three different modes of thickness. The details are embroidered with ornament motifs with vastly textured parts of a fine jersey. The same technique is used on the woven jacquard suits celebrating the Crystal phase with multi textured shell of thread compositions in varying thick layers.

Stratum” stage is expressed by the layering wave technique mixed with the rapidity of hidden colors on the 3D effect of woolen waffle coats. Oversized construction is accentuated with the organic feel of newly polished stone thanks to the ceramic bottoms. Finalizing the miracle of the nature the part of the “Gemstones” is introduced with the alluring structure of rich woolen coats. Inspired by the hidden contrasts and textures of the minerals, the styling acquires interesting statement by the feature of captivating coverings recalling the vision of colorful impressions on the water.  The elements extract from the waist pockets or collars.

Kept in the constant suspense either from the collection development or the music impressions, I regretted even more that I couldn’t be on this fashion show despite the invitation. :/

Special thanks to Issey Miyake Press Office for help and assistance.

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