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Fashion Inspiration: Mariella Pilato ‘A Constructed State of Mind’ and mythological inspirations.

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The mythological influences along with the allegorical personifications infuse with the ancient art inclinations in semi-precious metals and precious stones. The whispered stories of cultural heritage behind the Mariella Pilato‘s  ‘A Constructed State of Mind‘ look like they are enclosed in the geometrical shapes made of sterling silver.

The jewellery line is the mixture of numerous inspirations of theater and architecture initially based in youthful dreams of the artist and later generated in adult life. With every handcrafted piece Pilato renders her passion into the refined accessories composed of silver, an implication of gun metal, rocky crystals and an aggregate of agate.  The Balian based artist explains that the collection “tells the story of her cultural heritage, reflecting good taste and innovation while her vision recalls traditions with a sensitive trend toward a joyful fashion and modernity”.

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Bjorg Jewellery – 2012 LOOKBOOK

Mysticism of ancient legends and surrealism of modern sci – fi odyssey are the keys that encapsulate the poetry, romance and futurism bewitched in Bjorg Jewellery. This is very unique and exceptional line not only because of its eco friendly approach or dedication to craftsmanship tradition. The concept that balances between fine and raw is the key to the mystery of Bjorg jewels. Surrealistic inspirations infused with Charles Darwin’s point of view and ancient truths of mythology summarize nomadic approach and industrial touch of accessories. That is probably because of the origins, creative background in art and inspirational life of the creator of the Bjorg Jewellery Bjorg Nordli Mathisen. As the supporter of nomadic lifestyle and everlasting traveling he searches for creative stimulus around the world. From the origin of Bjorg Jewellery in 2004 Bjorg releases two conceptual collections per year.  The latest line for 2012 entitled “Not all those who wander are lost” sounds like a proverb of wisdom whispered by the ancient prophets. You may feel these insubstantial powers through stunning lookbook conveying dreamlike scenarios of Misty Mountains where the time stopped in one point keeping the presence of Dark Knights and Beautiful Maidens captured in Arthurian Legends. The jewels reveal deep admiration for precious stones with iridescent colours, horsehair and feathers, claws, wings, chains and intricacy of spine construction and relic pieces.

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