The PANDORA collection invites us for the summer season with the new collection of handmade jewelery “Summer 2015”.  The line is made ​​of precious materials, reflecting the glow of the sea and the radiation of the summer sky. Jewellery is emphasized with the symbolism of ethnic. Continue reading “ACCEESSORIES: PANDORA SPRING/SUMMER 2015 – ESCAPING TO THE BEACH OF OR DREAMS.”

ART: Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta.

Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_10

Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta.

Images via Yufuku Gallery

Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_13 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_11 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_9 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_8 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_7 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_5 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_4 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_3 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_2 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_14

Fashion Inspiration: Mariella Pilato ‘A Constructed State of Mind’ and mythological inspirations.

Mariella Pilato _ A Constructed State of Mind _ Campaign(1)_1

The mythological influences along with the allegorical personifications infuse with the ancient art inclinations in semi-precious metals and precious stones. The whispered stories of cultural heritage behind the Mariella Pilato‘s  ‘A Constructed State of Mind‘ look like they are enclosed in the geometrical shapes made of sterling silver.

The jewellery line is the mixture of numerous inspirations of theater and architecture initially based in youthful dreams of the artist and later generated in adult life. With every handcrafted piece Pilato renders her passion into the refined accessories composed of silver, an implication of gun metal, rocky crystals and an aggregate of agate.  The Balian based artist explains that the collection “tells the story of her cultural heritage, reflecting good taste and innovation while her vision recalls traditions with a sensitive trend toward a joyful fashion and modernity”.

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Mariella Pilato _ A Constructed State of Mind _ Campaign(1)_4

Mariella Pilato _ A Constructed State of Mind _ Campaign(1)_3

Mariella Pilato _ A Constructed State of Mind _ Campaign(1)_2

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Into the ethereality of macrame art of jewellery by Lina.

Let me introduce to you one of my creative and extremely gifted friends – Lina who is a jewellery artists specialized in macrame techniques, an amazing talent in jewellery craft and unique exposure of her individuality in handicraft.  Recently she opened a shop on entitled PARTEVIDA.

She cunningly fuses the intricacy of the plait, passion for pure essence from the nature, an ardent precision and the globetrotter inclinations. The handmade jewellery by Lina is  one-of-a-king piece of jewellery art that unveils the finesse of the edgy elegance, a great self-expression with the loads of pure ideas from the numerous journeys, uniqueness of the genuine precious stones brought from different parts of the world ranging from India to Mexico as well the whispers of stories from the thousand kilometers of travelling. Every single piece of the jewellery crafted by Lina’s hands is a precious work of jewellery art with never repeating patterns equally providing a great scope for imagination, artful discovery and an immense factor of the beauty of the nature presented through the selection of the genuine stones and the concept of macrame art itself.

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Lanvin Accessories Summer 2013

Lanvin accessories summer 2013_44

The luxurious fashion house Lanvin unveils the Summer 2013 accessories line comprising purity and precision as the main factors of the collection.  The clever game between classicism and novelty are the main clues of the accessories signified by Alber Elbaz.  The three openings of the collection condense the top-to-toe look of clever elegance including the ORACLE jewel, the new shoulder bag PARTITION, the STILETTO heel.

Following the Press Release of Lanvin Accessories Summer 2013 let me bring closer an exclusive selection of the line:

“The ORACLE jewel finds its inspiration in the idea of a mirror reflecting antique beauty, as well as the hi-tech vision of a new form of jewelry. These two-tone gold and silver breastplates are both smooth and hand-beaten, covering the nape and shoulders. The line also features gold and silver cuffs, rings and earrings, as well as wide corset-like belts in smooth or bumpy metal or wood riveted with metal nails.”

Lanvin accessories summer 2013_37 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_40 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_39 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_36


“The new shoulder bag PARTITION has the raw, streamlined look of armor. The very graphic and curved shapes are worked in a peacock blue matte grained calf, beige crocodile effect calf or a sumptuous brushed metallic calf. A medium-sized bag is highlighted with a serpent chain and a clasp in metal and wood, horn or stone cabochon. The luxurious technique of “guilloché” engraving is combined with metal plates and decorative screws.”

Lanvin accessories summer 2013_04 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_03 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_02

“The STILETTO heel, a mix of industrial metal pieces and traditional craftsmanship, is built around a fine mirrored heel. LANVIN shoes offer themselves the pleasure of a vertiginous height. Luxurious materials such a matte monochrome python, a grained lambskin with hand stitching, brushed metallic calfskin or embossed vegetal leather, its authenticity is expressed in two designs, a pump with an ankle strap and a cowboy boot.”

Lanvin accessories summer 2013_68 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_67 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_66 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_65 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_64 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_63

These accessories are available in LANVIN boutiques and on the e-store

The Images and Press Release text are the courtesy of LANVIN Press Office


Maria Black Jewellery – the charm of individual sophistication.


Merging the forefront modernity and updated universality, Maria Black Jewellery amazes with the interchangeable attitude of the sophisticated accessories. Driven by the desire of precision, craftsmanship and sleek skill, the brand unveils innovative approach of the precious jewellery.  By revealing the concept of playfulness and great scope of the fashion liberty, MBJ invites us into the allure of the Bijoux world.  Finding  and defining the golden mean of the jewellery market, the brand encapsulates distinctive luxury and economical individuality. Through the use of the precious metals, Maria Black Jewellery’s speciality is to create transposable pieces of jewellery art based on Danish signature in design expression ranging from rings destined to fingers and toes to pendants, earrings, necklaces or armlets that can be joined in a perfect synergy as well as separate key pieces.

















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Into the allure of InterK Luxury Boutique.

Into the allure of InterK Luxury Boutique.

InterK Luxury Boutique is a brilliant place to discover an indisputable passion for craftsmanship along with the unique signature of jewelry and pursue for noble elegance. The concept of the boutique comprises nonpareil treasure including refined earrings, outstanding bracelets, anklets and chunky necklaces with the aesthetics of handicraft exclusivity of precious metals and genuine stones at reasonable price range. The captivating charm of the collections is embraced through the ancestral fascinations of ancient cultures maintained in the form of museum artifacts and relics with the perfect exposé of modernity feel.

“Inter” Multiplicity of InterK Luxury Boutique.

The intriguing name of the boutique is accentuated by the “Inter” expression resulting in multiplicity of interpretations and meanings. That is because the word “Inter” encapsulates a versatile stimulus of the boutique philosophy ranging from global scope, the promotion of cultural values of hand-made creativity as well as a mystic predilection for beauty and soul and interesting items of the InterK Luxury Boutique.  The “Inter” declaration stands for the boutique’s international range thanks to the global accessibility. The online luxury boutique located in Philippines makes regular shipping all over the world with a fast and reliable service as well. Interlinked convenience of the shipping service is enhanced with the dependable tracking options. Because of the worldwide reach the boutique aims at a cultural exchange providing supreme craftsmanship of rare 24K gold, silver valuables and noble ornaments of genuine stones at affordable costs. With the interesting offer of the jewelry we are definitely introduced to the transcendent significance of precious jewelry craft.

The uniqueness of the InterK Luxury Boutique collections.

The jewelry collections are designed under the stamp of the exceptional recognition with one-of-a-kind result. The fine jewelry metals with excellent anti-allergic features consist of 24K gold and silver are merged with the genuine gemstones. The final outlook represents the unique depiction of sophisticated designs and visible proclivity for beauty. The three tremendous collections encompass the main unveiling of handicraft work enumerating 24K Gold Jewelry Collection *Origin*, 92.5 Solid Silver Jewelry Collection *Silver De luxe* and Handmade Necklaces with genuine stones. The coverage of the “Origin” collection concentrates on the ancient influences and contemporary depiction of the archaic jewelry craft. There is a visible affinity to the pre-Columbian history. This beautiful interpretation effects in the sophisticated assortment of inspiring ornaments, iconic pieces with imaginative swirls and intricate constructions as well as catchy elements of coffee beans. The *Silver De luxe* collection converges on the uniqueness of silver jewelry with the reference to the crystal focus. The refined silver earrings, chain necklaces pendants, rings are maintained in the purity of crystal intensified with the precious stones. The line of handmade necklaces is equally appealing with their chunky statement.

Personally, I am fascinated with the handmade ideology interlaced with the purity of the 24K gold that is rare to find nowadays. The handicraft zeal together with the use of precious metals and real stones makes the boutique’s concept even more attractive. In the world of fast fashion and ever-changing world with the seasonal recurring trends we desire craft work model with the true passion, the attitude for uniqueness and a valuable hint of contemporary times.

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Harem Royal – Screwpulous Jewelry. Beauty as a weapon.

Harem Royal – Screwpulous Jewelry is an exceptional place where beauty becomes a weapon according to its inseparable innate power. The camouflage of romantic ethereality clashing with unrestrained vigor of the nature capture all the juxtaposed factors of Harem Royal – delicateness of butterfly wings and strength of the precious metals, past influences and the homage of the present, softness of the perception and majestic cruelty. The creative mind of Harem Royal – Srdjan polished his creative background as a costume designer in theatrical environment continuing rich experience in the movie industry. Seeking for true knowledge Srdjan believes in sublime – “the beauty that settles for nothing and forgives no one. Beauty as a weapon. This profound blend morphing with combustible attraction.”  That is a complete depiction of femme fatale idea – the beauty that astonishes with uniqueness and besets with fierce. To acknowledge it means playing with the sharp edge of the razor blade. You are aware that the smooth surface of knife may end with cruel consequences but nothing can restrain you from touching the rigid blade. That goes along with the concept of Harem Royal that unifies meticulous craftsmanship with the dramatic touch of Medieval, Gothic and Neo Victorian refinement”. In order to find the balance between seductive nature of Orient and Western’s craving for power, Harem Royal main aim is to acquire an absolute contentment of the woman with her contradictory individuality and secret desires.  
The craftsmanship of Harem Royal is hidden in the handmade production that joins passion for artefact, astonishment of the innate transformation and weapon ardor influenced by pagan beliefs, Greek mythology and Jung’s- oriented perception of psyche and awe-inspiring majesty.
The jewels are made of mixture of precious metals including copper enriched with the palette of finishes ranging from the fines 24-karat gold plate to cupric patina in different forms. The striking ornamentation taken from the nature like exotic skins and fur, genuine butterfly, moth, dragonfly wings and pearls signature the exclusivity with eco friendly solutions. The collection is the response to the beauty of metamorphosis filling the gap between vulnerable chrysalis stadium and indestructible final.
When I encountered with the beauty of Harem Royal I was completely mesmerized with the concept not only because of the rate of my sensitiveness and secret desires. It was this specific kind of similar experience from my early years recited with poetic easiness by the creative mind of Harem Royal – Srdjan. He described the most important influences in his creativity through innocent amazement of childhood over the nature and all attributes that completely absorbed my own, pure, unpolluted feelings as a child – sunny days on the countryside, the smell of the meadows, aroma and softness of the humid soil, cool shadow of lush forests. You read his bio like a fascinating novel that instills your imagination with new realities. There is this entrancing power of rich influences from tradition that speak with unction about passion for nature, uncontaminated approach and perceptible supremacy of experience during childhood years. There are like whispers from the upbringing fascinating stories, the aura of the countryside, magnetic impressions of sun on the ocean, lonely walks by the coastline…

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Bjorg Jewellery – 2012 LOOKBOOK

Mysticism of ancient legends and surrealism of modern sci – fi odyssey are the keys that encapsulate the poetry, romance and futurism bewitched in Bjorg Jewellery. This is very unique and exceptional line not only because of its eco friendly approach or dedication to craftsmanship tradition. The concept that balances between fine and raw is the key to the mystery of Bjorg jewels. Surrealistic inspirations infused with Charles Darwin’s point of view and ancient truths of mythology summarize nomadic approach and industrial touch of accessories. That is probably because of the origins, creative background in art and inspirational life of the creator of the Bjorg Jewellery Bjorg Nordli Mathisen. As the supporter of nomadic lifestyle and everlasting traveling he searches for creative stimulus around the world. From the origin of Bjorg Jewellery in 2004 Bjorg releases two conceptual collections per year.  The latest line for 2012 entitled “Not all those who wander are lost” sounds like a proverb of wisdom whispered by the ancient prophets. You may feel these insubstantial powers through stunning lookbook conveying dreamlike scenarios of Misty Mountains where the time stopped in one point keeping the presence of Dark Knights and Beautiful Maidens captured in Arthurian Legends. The jewels reveal deep admiration for precious stones with iridescent colours, horsehair and feathers, claws, wings, chains and intricacy of spine construction and relic pieces.

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