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Translucency is the feature that melts into the complex presentations and forms. It can be as subtle as smoke floating in the air or more vivid like sparkling minerals and ethereal like butterfly’s wings. Combining the most prominent factors of crystalline configuration the PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE for Spring/Summer 2014 season unveils the ethereality of fabrics. The airy textures are infused with the layered constructions and pleats. The palette of hues varies from blue sky shades to the vivid sparks of red. Enjoy this amazing collection of translucent inspirations.

Images are the courtesy of ISSEY MIYAKE London Press Office.

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Pleats Please Issey Miyake 20th Anniversary

Unveling the pleat miracle of PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE for the 20th anniversary, we are introduced into the  visual concept of  “delicious” . Enjoy the electrifying work of Taku Satoh.

As he explains:

For 2012, the 20th anniversary year of PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE, we have adopted the visual concept of ‘delicious’.  No theorizing is needed the moment you see the clothes and you feel a certain, ‘wow that looks delicious, I want to wear it!’ 

Delicious things, is our concept for PLEATS PLEASE.

The word ‘delicious’ came into my mind when I was thinking about the planning of visuals for the year and this word, which is evocative of so many things, kept jumping about excitedly in my head.  It’s an onomatopoeic word – anything that looks visually tempting and exciting, we think of as ‘delicious’.

This year we plan to release many scrumptious and ‘delicious’ visuals, one after another to tempt you!


Art Direction: Taku Satoh  

Design: Shingo Noma 

Photograph: Yasuaki Yoshinaga

Copyright at 2012 ISSEY MIYAKE INC.

Images are the courtesy of Issey Miyake London Press Office. 

Do not copy and reproduce.