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Translucency is the feature that melts into the complex presentations and forms. It can be as subtle as smoke floating in the air or more vivid like sparkling minerals and ethereal like butterfly’s wings. Combining the most prominent factors of crystalline configuration the PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE for Spring/Summer 2014 season unveils the ethereality of fabrics. The airy textures are infused with the layered constructions and pleats. The palette of hues varies from blue sky shades to the vivid sparks of red. Enjoy this amazing collection of translucent inspirations.

Images are the courtesy of ISSEY MIYAKE London Press Office.

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Photo : Frédérique Dumoulin

Enjoy the show of ISSEY MIYAKE SPRING/SUMMER 2014

Place: Espace Ephémère Tuileries

Time: Friday 27th Septembre 2013

Live music by Ei Wada – Braun Tube Jazz Band


Fashion Video: ISSEY MIYAKE Autumn/Winter 2013 Campaign

The movie of ISSEY MIYAKE Autumn/Winter 2013 Campaign directed by Paris-based filmmaker Lisa Paclet is a newfangled interpretation of the collection’s theme. The video encapsulates the concept of  the colors of the earth as seen from the sky as a leading subject implementing the art of dance. The emphasizing  focus on the move reflects on the positive energy and vigorous attitude of fashion outlining the wide palette of colors, shapes and pleats.  The collection for Autumn/Winter 2013 presents the idea of the kaleidoscopic patterns that form the landscape view seen from the sky. Along with the fields of pleats,  saturated shades of meadows and golden wheat we can experience the fashion in motion.  Enjoy the video!


Directed by Lisa Paclet
Music by Open Reel Ensemble

Video Courtesy of ISSEY MIYAKE Press Office London


Cycling Gent by Issye Miyake for Spring/Summer 2013


Focusing on the cycling lifestyle that I really enjoy on my daily basis, I am very pleased with the concept of the Issey Miyake Men Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The menswear line unveils  a contemporaneous rendition of ‘life with a bicycle’ elevating the paper clothing as a new dimension of style.  Let alone the paddling trend itself that is clearly observed within the last years, the focal point of fashion by Issey Miyake goes further than just direction to the sporty attitude. The paper structure of this marvellous collection is composed of Japanese Washi paper that has a great adhibition in everyday clothing since Ancient times. What is more, the fashion house developed a washable paper textile that corresponds to the bicycle riding with the forms, designs and detailing presented in the collection. The clue is hidden in a crafty attitude that highlights  innovative use of fabrics encapsulating the sophisticated feel and comfortable wit simultaneously.



The transformative wonder of BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE  collection for Autumn/ Winter 2012 reveals newfangled use of pixels, imaginative shapes captivated in the concept of the kaleidoscope and graphic sharpness, ultra-edgy studs as well as lucent and metallic textures.  Following the motto of the line, BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE bag is definitely an innovative accessory that you can feel with all your senses starting from the vivid injection of colors through smart detailing of studs, rock – shaped illusions, metallic shine and classic accents of check patterns introduced in a fresh way. The modern sophistication of the collection stimulates to the artistic transformations on a daily basis. Take a look on the third opening of BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE Autumn/ Winter collection 2012 on

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Fashion Designer: Issey Miyake Pre-Spring 2013

The quintessence of the ISSEY MIYAKE PRE-SPRING 2013 collection depicts the fusion of prints filled with color. The inspirational source of the collection is encapsulated in a diverse palette of birds’ plumage from around the world – starting from bold exoticism of the tropical climate to the earthy moderation of the northern hemisphere.

Based on such fascinations, the fashion house continues on the Japanese finesse signature with the experimentation on textures, innovative constructions and revelation of new pleat merging all the attributes with the varied essence of colors and hand drawn prints. Such dynamic mixture of fascinations and modernity provides an artful evaluation of collage compositions, brush stroke forms and rough lines that become a solid base for prints development in the collection. The stunning effect is a genuine hand crafted outcome that wouldn’t be possible with the use of digital methods only.

Apart from the rich coloration and diversification of prints, the fashion house of Issey Miyake introduces a new composition of a Jacquard pleat containing stretch yarn in their Pre-Spring 2013. The fabric originates from the innovation process that enables a free variation on the width of the pleat structure that can generate beautiful forms. The flexible characteristics of fabrics can freely harmonize with the contours of the body.



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Fashion Designer: Issey Miyake Autumn/Winter 2012 – “Mineral Miracle”

Complex harmony of the technological wit, Japanese craftsmanship and innovative approach indicate the main attributes of the impressive performance under the signature of Issey Miyake for Autumn/Winter 2012 season. Entitled with the meaningful theme of “Mineral Miracle”, the collection showcased the pleating revolution of the house with a new textile presentation called “Steam Stretch”. The concept of the collection depicted a gradual process influenced by the intrinsic power and the beauty of the minerals. Pleating diversity merged with the technology was cleverly accompanied with live performance music by Open Reel Ensemble.  The music impressions are composed in unique and original method visualizing the “Mineral Miracle” vibe featuring sounds from sewing and weaving machines in addition to live stream sampling.

The inventive nature of the “Steam Stretch” is a mixture of creative approach and advanced techniques composed in pre-designed and programmed procedure. The fabrics composed from silk and stretch yarn have highly transformative characteristics thanks to the application of the steam finish. As presented on the prelude of the fashion show the squares of fabrics, apparently insignificant are artfully modified into sinuous costumes. The twin concept of “Mineral Stretch” differs only with the composition of wool and stretch yarn. With the same steam method the woven fabrics shrunk to create an undulating framework unveiling a hybrid effect of pleat and knit type.

Stepping in to the phase of the “Diamond Cut”, A-POC method takes the reigns over the fabrics formulating a graphic wave resembling the crystallization of quartz. The airy impression coats are equipped with pockets in a graphic cut forming a catchy collage.

The use of the special machine enhances interesting “Ore” stage showcasing fine jersey outfits altered with three different modes of thickness. The details are embroidered with ornament motifs with vastly textured parts of a fine jersey. The same technique is used on the woven jacquard suits celebrating the Crystal phase with multi textured shell of thread compositions in varying thick layers.

Stratum” stage is expressed by the layering wave technique mixed with the rapidity of hidden colors on the 3D effect of woolen waffle coats. Oversized construction is accentuated with the organic feel of newly polished stone thanks to the ceramic bottoms. Finalizing the miracle of the nature the part of the “Gemstones” is introduced with the alluring structure of rich woolen coats. Inspired by the hidden contrasts and textures of the minerals, the styling acquires interesting statement by the feature of captivating coverings recalling the vision of colorful impressions on the water.  The elements extract from the waist pockets or collars.

Kept in the constant suspense either from the collection development or the music impressions, I regretted even more that I couldn’t be on this fashion show despite the invitation. :/

Special thanks to Issey Miyake Press Office for help and assistance.

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Fashion Designer: Sylvio Giardina – Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 Collection

Sylvio Giardina, as always continues to express his unique and individual hypothesis about a new femininity. With an insightful focus to the individuality of every woman and diversity of silhouettes, Sylvio successfully unveils a new scheme of a fashion design with fusion of art. The latest collection for Autumn/Winter 2012-13 season is a full expression of designers’ beliefs with fluid continuum of silhouettes, sculptural variety and classic delight into the futuristic inclinations. The costumes are not only a classy presentation with innovative twist. They have a specific expression of embracing the body structure with sinuous trig that forms infinite cycle around the silhouette. The smart detailing of volumes and contours accentuate the style distinctiveness.

The timeless feel is complemented with a distinguished palette of colors framing night blue, black, dark brown, dove-grey and moss-green in the collection. The innovative twist of the designs is performed on the classic fabrics including tweed, cashmere, flannel, wool jersey and organza. There is also an accent of ultramodern touch with the “leitmotiv” of the collections – polyethylene foam that is used for “limited editions” garment creating exceptional signature of Sylvio Giardina with contours and volumes.

Special thanks to Sylvio Giardina and Press Office.

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