Adidas Originals adidas Originals The Sneeker by adidas

Adidas Originals adidas Originals The Sneeker by adidas

Source: Adidas Originals adidas Originals The Sneeker by adidas

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Saint Laurent Uptown Small leather clutch by Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Uptown Small leather clutch by Saint Laurent

Source: Saint Laurent Uptown Small leather clutch by Saint Laurent


Gucci Double wrap ring with tiger heads by Gucci

Gucci Double wrap ring with tiger heads by Gucci

Source: Gucci Double wrap ring with tiger heads by Gucci


Chloé Nile Minaudière crossbody bag by Chloé

Chloé Nile Minaudière crossbody bag by Chloé

Source: Chloé Nile Minaudière crossbody bag by Chloé

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Fashion Inspiration: Persephoni Spring/Summer 2014


The sleek shine of silver metal mingled with the smooth black leather structure depicts the concept of accessories line by Persephoni.  Simple yet refined line of Greek brand is accentuated with the razor-sharp edges composed of geometrical forms, triangle shapes and cubic patterns. The asceticism of steel is juxtaposed with the softness of fur, leather laxity as well as flexibility of snake-skin. The collection presents the renown geometrical 3D necklaces and solid block bracelets published in numerous magazines including such publications as Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, Numero Tokyo, Numero Paris, Harper’s Bazaar among others. Persephoni enriched the accessories line with new elements like leather harnesses, cube, geometrical and rounded pouches, half-sphere backpacks, cone-shaped watch bracelets. The fashion statement with the Persephoni’s accessories is taken for granted.


Persephoni Spring/Summer 2014


Make up: Eva Dimoveli

Model: Gwen Lu

Images are the courtesy of the designer Persephoni





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Fashion Photography: ROYAL REBELLION – Aquazzura Shoes Fall/Winter 2012 by Diego DIaz MARIN


The vivid myriad of succulent colors along with the feel of eccentric aristocracy and sophisticated selection of women shoes is a perfect presentation of the Aquazzura Shoes Fall/Winter 2012. The campaign captured by the super talented Spanish photographer Diego Diaz Marin is entitled “Royal Rebellion”. The ad campaign gives a hint of the alluring style of the aristocratic girls gone wild with the humorous sense. Due to this witty dynamism merged with the refined elegance and modern boldness we are introduced to the Aquazzura’s significance expressed by the combination of the Latin sensuality and finesse of the European design.

Edgardo Osorio, Aquazzura Co-founder and Creative director, remarks:

We wanted to give the mood of this beautiful, wild, rebellious and very sexy aristocrat lost in her Palazzo in Tuscany. Palazzo Pfanner in Lucca was the perfect background and Diego’s special lights was the perfect fun touch.

Following the Colombian origins of the creative director of the brand, Edgardo Osorio,  Aquazzura’s trademark signifies with the specialty of a luxury footwear brand infusing the captivity of a cultural mixture unveiling Latin, American and European influences as a one inseparable fashion integrity.

Images are the courtesy of a fashion photographer Diego Diaz Marin

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Into the allure of InterK Luxury Boutique.

Into the allure of InterK Luxury Boutique.

InterK Luxury Boutique is a brilliant place to discover an indisputable passion for craftsmanship along with the unique signature of jewelry and pursue for noble elegance. The concept of the boutique comprises nonpareil treasure including refined earrings, outstanding bracelets, anklets and chunky necklaces with the aesthetics of handicraft exclusivity of precious metals and genuine stones at reasonable price range. The captivating charm of the collections is embraced through the ancestral fascinations of ancient cultures maintained in the form of museum artifacts and relics with the perfect exposé of modernity feel.

“Inter” Multiplicity of InterK Luxury Boutique.

The intriguing name of the boutique is accentuated by the “Inter” expression resulting in multiplicity of interpretations and meanings. That is because the word “Inter” encapsulates a versatile stimulus of the boutique philosophy ranging from global scope, the promotion of cultural values of hand-made creativity as well as a mystic predilection for beauty and soul and interesting items of the InterK Luxury Boutique.  The “Inter” declaration stands for the boutique’s international range thanks to the global accessibility. The online luxury boutique located in Philippines makes regular shipping all over the world with a fast and reliable service as well. Interlinked convenience of the shipping service is enhanced with the dependable tracking options. Because of the worldwide reach the boutique aims at a cultural exchange providing supreme craftsmanship of rare 24K gold, silver valuables and noble ornaments of genuine stones at affordable costs. With the interesting offer of the jewelry we are definitely introduced to the transcendent significance of precious jewelry craft.

The uniqueness of the InterK Luxury Boutique collections.

The jewelry collections are designed under the stamp of the exceptional recognition with one-of-a-kind result. The fine jewelry metals with excellent anti-allergic features consist of 24K gold and silver are merged with the genuine gemstones. The final outlook represents the unique depiction of sophisticated designs and visible proclivity for beauty. The three tremendous collections encompass the main unveiling of handicraft work enumerating 24K Gold Jewelry Collection *Origin*, 92.5 Solid Silver Jewelry Collection *Silver De luxe* and Handmade Necklaces with genuine stones. The coverage of the “Origin” collection concentrates on the ancient influences and contemporary depiction of the archaic jewelry craft. There is a visible affinity to the pre-Columbian history. This beautiful interpretation effects in the sophisticated assortment of inspiring ornaments, iconic pieces with imaginative swirls and intricate constructions as well as catchy elements of coffee beans. The *Silver De luxe* collection converges on the uniqueness of silver jewelry with the reference to the crystal focus. The refined silver earrings, chain necklaces pendants, rings are maintained in the purity of crystal intensified with the precious stones. The line of handmade necklaces is equally appealing with their chunky statement.

Personally, I am fascinated with the handmade ideology interlaced with the purity of the 24K gold that is rare to find nowadays. The handicraft zeal together with the use of precious metals and real stones makes the boutique’s concept even more attractive. In the world of fast fashion and ever-changing world with the seasonal recurring trends we desire craft work model with the true passion, the attitude for uniqueness and a valuable hint of contemporary times.

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