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True Decadence Exclusive crystal ear climber earrings in silver by True Decadence – REVIEW SOON! 

True Decadence Exclusive crystal ear climber earrings in silver by True Decadence.

I’m a huge enthusiast of ear cuffs, ear climbers, ear vines, etc. I had them in different styles and I wear them for special occasions for many years. I wanted to have this staple accessory for my upcoming wedding on May 2020. I couldn’t be more happy when I found this amazing sleek ear climber from True Decadence. The style is just perfect addition to my wedding dress and great impersonification of myself for this special day. Last week I have received the ear cuffs from True Decadence that I bought at Asos.com and I cannot wait to share more photos and review very soon.

Source: True Decadence Exclusive crystal ear climber earrings in silver by True Decadence

Fashion Focus: Ear Cuffs for Summer 2013

Rodarte-Kasia Struss
Kasia Struss in Rodarte Spring/Summer 2013

Edgy, outstanding, elaborate, distinctive ear accessory for Summer 2013… ear cuffs.  Searching for the most prominent key element of Summer 2013 and observing its continuity from the previous seasons, I couldn’t get over the feeling that ear cuffs makes a statement without being a cliche.  I like that finally my favorite wardrobe element  starts to be more wide-spread  accessory thanks to the trend. Despite the fact that I’m trying to avoid a wild goose chase for the hottest trends for any season mostly for economical and practical reasons, I wear ear cuff not because it’s en vogue but it assists to express my nature – eager to explore and spice up the style with common sense.

Through the centuries, the ear ornamentation was the way to express oneself either for personal beliefs or the lifestyle clarifying association to groups or tribes.  The evolution of the ear decoration resulted in many forms and shapes evaluating the the ear cuff model as well. The first who finally defined the ear cuff accessory was Marcel Boucher, jewellery designer. In 1950 he “invented” the newfangled style of ear jewellery entitled “Earrite” – one-piece earring that may be hooked over the ear without any piercing.

Marcel Boucher's Earrite ad
Marcel Boucher’s Earrite ad

The stunning styling  for Rodarte Spring/Summer 2013 composed an edgy punk elegance thanks to the ear cuff factor that appeared on every model’s ear:

Ear cuff on Rodarte Spring/Summer 2013 show
Ear cuff on Rodarte Spring/Summer 2013 show

Nowadays, ear cuffs illustrate a multiple selection of styles, forms and shapes and ranging from the simple classic cuff to the intricate piece of art and luxury. I prepared the selection of the most favorite ear cuff styles caught in the web:


hermes_harem Royal


Maria_Black_14 Maria_Black_13 Maria_Black_1 Roxy Earcuff Nena


bjorg-ear cuff

bjorg-cuffs img-thing