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Photographer: PANOS DAVIOS

ANGELOS FRENTZOS initialized a new era for his innvative, cutting-edge brand, getting inspiration from art, music and his very own design history. The main influence for the womenswear collection for Spring/Summer 2017 comes from a diverse mix of Gothic Romanticism that includes photographic moments of various flames , the sounds of heavy metal of late 70’s and 80’s and the power of roses as a symbol of beauty. Continue reading FASHION: ANGELOS FRENTZOS: ETERNAL FLAME SS17 Woman Collection.

Fashion Inspiration: Wearing Light by ISSEY MIYAKE in Spring/Summer 2014.


Multifaceted concept of light in nature empowered by the latest textile technology and crisp aesthetic of fashion evolved in awe-inspiring collection by ISSEY MIYAKE’s for Spring Summer 2014 .  The significance of the brand encapsulated sporty nonchalance with the definite graphic cut. The  refined craftsmanship melted in the constructions composed of  hybrid textiles and inventive technologies. Ever-illuminating light is the overwhelmed factor of the collection – from the resemblance of the starts on the pitch-black sky, the chalky  luminescence of the Moon through the bright-day rainbow created by sun rays. The presentation of light by ISSEY MIYAKE Spring/Summer 2014 was unveiled in three openings.

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Live music by Ei Wada – Braun Tube Jazz Band


The first opening of the light illustrates the metallic shine of the stars accompanied by the dark sky at night. Through the set, the metallic clothing is made of manufactured leather covered with the film to enhance the metal shine effect. The common denominator of the starlight series is a new punching technique that exhibit stars on the tiny holes. Thanks to the  “Steam Stretch” technique the shape of pants, jackets and coats evinced the three-dimensional aspect.






The luminous white of the moonlight is condensed in the grid knit presentation accompanied by mesh tops and cotton grid structures. The grid-shaped texture is formed from stretch yarn technique that focuses on the weft and warp simultaneously. The hybrid nature of the clothing created fusion of matte and shiny translucent fabrics remaining lightweight and ethereal as well. Another worth-mentioning technique that unveiled the moonlight concept is spiral cutting used in open wave jacket and coats.  The outline of the distinguishing silhouette with the soft posture is the effect of hybrid approach that merges inventive yarns created on old-style knitting machines. The impressive transfer printing also skillfully bright up with the vivid palette.




With the beginning to the third phase, the sunlight is exposed with the three-dimensional coats covered with mesh in blue and red gradations. The choice of colors is not aleatory. The azure  sky infuses with the deep redness of the sunset that spread around the horizon. Along with the substantial mesh, the garment compose 3D movement feel of light and shade. The sunlight is also expressed by double layered cotton skirts and tops enriched with lightweight mode and color. The glow of sun that punctures from the whirling clouds is presented by double power of wave and cotton on the tops and bottoms. The lightweight cover reveals the hint of color while moving.






Well-known collaborations of experimental footwear United Nude with inventive designers are not only the specialty of the brand that mixes brilliant ideas and talents. The creative teamwork usually enables to compose from head-to-toe artistic expression on the runway that will highlight the uniqueness of the fashion designer and exceptionally of the shoes.

United Nude joined  the forces with Dutch fashion designer – Mattijs van Bergen, named as “one of the most promising designers “ according to British Vogue and “Crown prince of Dutch Fashion” as written by Dutch Elle. Mattijs after receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the institute of Fine Arts in Arnhem, he continued with a Masters Degree at the Central Saint Martins College in London. In 2008 he launched MATTIJS label that reflects at the noteworthy curvaceous signature of the designer fusing with a fresh feminine structure. Playing with sculptural pleating and well-formed tailoring Mattijs builds up his own definition of style with neoclassical designs. The costumes Autumn/ Winter 2012- 2013 are the essence of edgy elegance with distinctive color function, fine craftsmanship and selection of fabrics at its highest quality. The collection is accompanied with United Nude’s exclusive limited edition of outstanding high heels maintained in the sculptural convention of the designers’ concept.

Rem D Koolhaas, Creative Director United Nude, said: “Mattijs and United Nude have been talking about collaborating for a while and now was the right time. Even though this is already our third collaboration with a Dutch designer this year, we went for it. Joining forces in the creative field is part of the United Nude spirit and we are proud to be perhaps one of the most collaborative brands in the industry.”

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Fashion Designer: KORLEKIE – Intricate Craftwork Glamour in “The Labyrinthic Web”

Korlekie is an emerging fashion brand that signifies the style of elaborate craftsmanship in a very sophisticated convention of luxury womenswear. Founded by Beatrice Korlekie Newman – a graduate with a distinction of a prestigious London College of Fashion, the designer with passions for creating refined avant-garde glamour. Merging old and forgotten craft and modern influences of the alternative modernity, Korlekie is regarded as one of the most promising designers in the latest years. Her show under interestingly encrypted name “The Labyrinthic Web” was showcased on London Fashion Week gathering flattering reviews and high opinions about significant signature of Korlekie. The inspiration was taken from the process of UV Mapping – complex 3D modelling process of making 2D image representation resulted in mesh resemblance formations. The stunning effect is based on the advanced scanning technology in 3D with the assisst of software programs to transform face scans into the mesh like structures. As a result, the patterns were used with the digital knit technology that could make the most accurate interpreration of the concept.

Brought up in African culture the designer is highly influenced by the diversity of materials and palette of colors. Focusing on the heritage of African culture, Beatrice expands the craftsmanship subject into her fascination about regal legacy of Tsars and artistic illustration work of Edmund Dulac in “1001 Arabian Nights”, Harry Clarke,  Arthur Rackham and many more. With such references Korlekie introduces us into the intricate world of breathtaking  labyrinths of embroidery, embellished thread variations and imaginative beading.

Thanks to the glamour presence, the Korlekie has also great celebrity supporters wearing her costumes on the red carpet, public events and video clips including Sabrina Washington for her debut single and video OMG, Shinghai Shoniwa, lead singer of British band The Noisettes, Alesha Dixon and Noelle Reno.The collections of Korlekie featured in numerous editorials and digital publications including Vogue.com, Elle, Fault, Dazed Digital, Dolce Vita, Kaleidoscope and many more.

Special Thanks to Beatrice Korlekie Newman – the founder of Korlekie for help and assistance.

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Visit:  http://www.korlekie.com/

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Fashion Designer: Angelos Frentzos – Life Savers Collection Men FW 2012/13

Life Savers, captivating fashion story released under the signature of Angelos Frentzos for Fall/ Winter 2012/13 season focuses on American road tripping vibe interlaced with grunge rock music impact from the end of 1980s.   The group of guys are travelling across the American landscapes, from freezing cold Alaska to sun drenched Los Angeles with the radio background sounds of Nirvana or Joy Division. They are life savers with mission to be accomplished. Because of the long journey rules their dress code should be functional and comfortable in one. The guys are wearing layers of clothes so that they can adjust to the changeable weather conditions and make a distinctive fashion statement simultaneously.  Double jersey pants are worn together with mohair shorts. Their outwear has a great diversity of woolen fleece capes, parachute bombers and handcrafted knit cardigans. Intensity of colors and folk prints fuse with the feel of relaxed elegance. Heading to the scorching sun of California their style is transformed into the glam approach with gold, silver and iron detailing intermingle with snowflakes designs and embroidery knits.

 Special thanks to the Press Office of Angelos Frentzos for help and assistance

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Fashion Focus: Body Mapping Concept in Spring/Summer 2012 collections

Body mapping concept despite the fact that is not so popular like pastel trends or sea inspiration for Spring/Summer 2012 season, it is very interesting theme to divulge. Merging ethereal transparency, tribal zeal and tattoo inspired art it will definitely enhance us in creating exquisite fashion statement for summer fever.  Kaleidoscopic prints, pastel hues along with vivid splashes and the game of peek-a-boo inspired many significant designers in order to build up their collections on smart gig of colour rays and see through layers. Experimental subject of discreet intensity was successfully developed by Issey Miyake, Narciso Rodriguez, Givenchy, David Koma and Vera Vang. Let’s take a look into the insights of Body mapping concept:

Issey Miyake Spring/Summer 2012

Issey Miyake Spring/Summer 2012 – The Petal Phase from the collection focuses on the clash of sheer layers, graphic patterns and sporty elegance creating optical illusion of dual visualization. Read the article about the collection here.

Narciso Rodriguez Spring/Summer 2012

 The designer inspired by the contemporary Korean artist –Kim Joon created the notion of tattoo influenced sheer mapping on the garment.  Refinement of the lingerie daydream.

David Koma Spring/Summer 2012

David Koma Spring/Summer 2012 – Top-to-toe tribal futurism – Graphic prints resembling Polynesian warriors body art fuses with the sheer panels and colour blocking idea.

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2012

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2012 – Givenchy centralized body mapping into the the transparent fabrication and tone contrast paneling.

Vera Wang Spring/Summer 2012

 – Vera Wang maintains the body mapping concept with the idyllic aura of lightweight fabrics. Chiffon and organza cooperate with harmonious medley of dots the from the Alice in Wonderland clues.

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Fashion Focus: V – Partings in Spring/Summer 2012 catwalks

There is a breath of fresh futuristic air while considering some new hair tendencies from the Spring/Summer 2012 catwalks. Ultramodern hairstyles were visible on the fashion shows of Yoshi YamamotoDavid Koma and Ann Valerie Hash. The common denominator is presented through V-formed partings expressing innovative feel.

 David Koma highlighted the tribal significance either by apparel or the uncommon hairdo giving sporty elegance to the geometric ponytails. The new spin of the pin-up define both precision and individuality.

Yoshi Yamamoto focuses on the avant-garde side including the hairstyle for his Spring/Summer 2012 catwalk. The V-parting was assessed with pin-up back knots resembling horns. Very edgy yet sophisticated hairstyle was a perfect fulfillment for the concept of the show – architectural deconstruction being the specialty of Yamamoto’s trademark.

Ann Velerie Hash goes slightly different with her catwalk hairstyle forming Y parting decorated with the crown – like shape from the back.

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Images via stylebistro.com



Fashion inspiration: Sea creatures in Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2012

Remarkable collection of underwater thesis merged with the dignity of the ice queens was presented in a magnificent fashion translation stamped by Alexander  McQueen for Spring/Summer 2012 season. Sarah Burton, the creative mind of Alexander McQueen’s brand was highly inspired by the sea – one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring wonders of the nature. The cast of mythological sirens and glorious sea creatures followed the aquatic influence with the intricate, well-detailed masterpieces, complexity of forms and its multiple interpretations on fabrics. There was supremacy of lightweight materials like silk chiffon, organza and tulle giving the feeling of softness and finesse. The fabrics outlined the nature of the waterfalls, sea foams,oyster like designs, coral Raff forms implemented on the gowns  The palette of colors had very gentle and romantic feel with the scope for white, shell pink, silvery lilac and peach hues to gold opulence of matelassé Jacquard and strong coral-red. There was also a space for the signature of Gothic black in fetish transition of laser cut leather with lingerie detailing. Very interesting accent was presented through the lace headpieces. With the top-to-toe concept, the innovative treatment expressed the dramatic illusion of the sea.
The fashion show was the art presentation blurring the line between reality and theatrical performance depicting nymphs, ethereal beings and aquatic creatures.  Balancing among mathematical precision,couture artistry and costume design Sarah Burton managed to continue the legacy initiated by McQueen himself with the DNA of the house.  
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Photographed by Kevin Tachman
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Fashion inspiration: Issey Miyake Spring/Summer 2012 “Bloom Skin” inspired by flower’s life.

Romantic focus on the flower’s life and body mapping concept of layers, sheers and tribal prints are mixed with excellent tailoring and dreamy palette of spring colors merged with vibrant splash of hues on Issey Miyake’s catwalk for Spring/Summer 2012 season. As the name of the collection indicates “Bloom Skin”, the line is a metaphor of flower’s existence with the reference to the woman nature – beautiful, ethereal imagery of a flower that may also be extremely strong and cruel with the hidden poison. Every single silhouette from the collection is a dedication to Japanese artisanship merged with ultramodern technology influence resulted in the affinity to the nature. The experimental concept of body mapping and cut outs with silky fabrications were accentuated with colour diffusion hair, imaginative headpieces and artistic accessories – the result of the collaboration with milliner Christophe Coppens and jewelry artist Tzuri Gueta.

The catwalk is initialized with the stunning piano compilation accompanied with laser rays. The overview of the collection symbolizes the progress of flowers lifeline starting from the initial bud phase with the powdery nudes of triacetate-mixed fabric. The headpieces have a crucial role in presenting the graduation of buds opening.

Transforming into stem form there is a juxtaposition of pale tones with architectural silhouettes and strong fabrication – the idea originated from the structure of plants. Apparently, fragile stem encapsulates loads of strength with well – built structure under the microscopic view. Double thick fabrics as well as yarn techniques merged with sheer smoothness are the designer’s response to this phase.

Petal phase creates the body-mapping concept mixed with the sporty sophistication feel. Translucent textures are the result of artisanship taken from traditional dye house in Kyoto. The fabric knit composed from two types of fibres is involved in a special process in order to create a double effect of sheer and graphic prints on the fabrics. The graphic designs resemble tribal tattoo patterns with the affinity to the sporty style thanks to the bold colours and eye-catching leggings made of flexible fabric and mesh.

Following the phase of blossom, the collection develops with the cast of pastel outfits enriched with dynamic cuts and petal-like forms ready to unfurl with their inner beauty in the core. Another interesting spotlight into the blossom phase is visible in the clustered seams formed with colored lace taping representing atomic view on the veins on the leaf. Tzuri Gueta designed the accessories for blossom phase maintained in the flower concept.

Bloom – vibrant prints and voluminous forms in Issey Miyake Spring Summer 2012 collection depict the final stage of the flower’s growth that amazes both with vigor and with softness. The line of jumpsuits and dresses mesmerize with movement attributes through the billowing forms, tranquility of drape and subtle gradation of hues.

This is the first collection under the reign of the new creative director of the house –Yoshiyuki Miyamae who previously worked in the brand for 10 years. The line seems to be a successful continuation of theIsseyMiuyake’s signature with ethereal feeling yet down to earth function. As Miyamae proves in the collection’s appearance, he softened the edges stamping his own aesthetic on the brand. Highly inspired by the bloom phases, Miyamae examined the whole process of the cell textures and flower growth with the microscope tools. Thanks to that he was able to grasp the genuine concept of the flower bloom.

Worth to mention is the sentence mentioned in the press kit information: “We wish to work in a way that gives everybody involved in making and wearing these clothes dreams and hopes”.

All images are the courtesy of the brand Issey Miyake

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Fashion Inspiration: Iris van Herpen Spring/Summer 2012 Haute Couture inspired by the scientific photography of Steve Gschmeissner.

Iris van Herpen Spring/Summer 2012 Haute Couture
Human Flea - photography by Steve Gschmeissner

Iris van Herpen is young and very talented fashion designer that infuses her scope of creativity blurring the vision between fashion, art and technology. She successfully joins machinery with the tribute to the traditional craftsmanship and precious handwork.  Her collections are the presentations of the light vision of avant-garde that successfully conquers Parisian Haute Couture. As the graduate of the ArtEZ Insitute of the Arts in Arnhem in Netherlands in 2006 followed by thriving intern in Alexander McQueen, she decided to launch eponymous label in 2007. After that her indisputable talent and individuality on the fashion stage has been recognized at international level and awarded by professionals including Dutch Fashion Awards, RADO Young Designer Awards. She became also a member of the esteemed Chambre Syndical de la Haute Couture.

Continue reading Fashion Inspiration: Iris van Herpen Spring/Summer 2012 Haute Couture inspired by the scientific photography of Steve Gschmeissner.

Escapism Couture by Iris van Herpen

Escapism Couture is the mixture of fashion, art and 3D design, so called digital technology amazement in fashion created by multitalented fashion designer Iris van Herpen . This futuristic approach was showcased in Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris for SS11 season.

Escapism Couture was aimed in reaching digital knowledge in the garment with the use of complex techniques and handwork treatment. The 3 step designing process was closely related to the computer software and laser processing.

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