mooby_09The Mooby Bike by Simone Madella is uber innovative vehicle that totally pushes the boundries of the traditional concept of a bicycle. The design is very unique in comparison to the the wide-spread field of the bicycle design. Continue reading “BICYCLE: MOOBY BIKE BY SIMONE MADELLA.”


BICYCLE: GI FLYBIKE – The fly-folding electric bike.

GI FLYBIKE  – the first fly-folding electric bike that encapsulate all the requisite features for city commuting. Super comfortable, stylish and latest technology – friendly vehicle. sunset, bar Continue reading “BICYCLE: GI FLYBIKE – The fly-folding electric bike.”


Video: How to park your bike in Japan?

How to park your bike in Japan? The technology of this beautiful country exceeds everyone’s expectations. Take a glimpse into the video revealing the techonolgial hint in Japanese way.

How to park your bike in downtowns Japan_1 Continue reading “Video: How to park your bike in Japan?”



Arvak-bicycle_1Starting from the captivating name, materials used, the shape to unique design, the Arvak bicycle by Keim is definitely innovative vehicle worth to cycle. Continue reading “BICYCLE: ARVAK BICYCLE BY KEIM.”


DESIGN: BME Design Create A Limited Edition Matte Black Stealth Bike.

BME Design  made a stunning creation of a limited edition matte black version of their Urban Stealth singlespeed bike. The bicycle is inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk aircraft.  Every single bike is built and produced by Brano Meres in Slovakia, and is personalized to the customer with a carbon fiber frame. According to the description:  “The bicycle would be Black, almost radar absorbent. Any eye that caught it would be captured in its dark gravity. With flat paneling it would look like a veiled threat.” 
Continue reading “DESIGN: BME Design Create A Limited Edition Matte Black Stealth Bike.”


DESIGN: Lamborghini Impec Bike.


Lamborghini Impec Bike.

One of the most sophisticated, but in the same time expensive bikes were produced by Lamborghini group in 2013 for their  50th Anniversary Lamborghini Edition impec.  What is worth-mentioning is the fact that the bike is plated in gold and encrusted in diamods. Continue reading “DESIGN: Lamborghini Impec Bike.”

Design: Smart E-Bike electric bike.

smart-e-bike (1)

As the passionate cyclist and sport lover I am very keen on innovations that cirle around the bicycling field.  The latest technology wit from Smart that is fashion-forward simultaneously is a wonderul E-bike invention-Smart E-Bike. Smart collaborated with a specialized electric bike manufacturer, Berlin Based Grace that created super- economical and sustainable The Smart E-Bike. The bicycle has a 250 watt electric motor which gives the opportunity to accelerate the bike at a speed about 25 km per hour and more. Continue reading “Design: Smart E-Bike electric bike.”

Cycling with illume by Nikhil Kapoor.

Cycling with illume by Nikhil Kapoor

Apart from my fashion inclinations as you may notice from the pages of , I am also an avid bicycle rider.  I could say that bicycle riding is my passion somehow, because it started from early childhood years, from the moment I felt steady while driving on two wheels. I remember this feeling of the moment – the lightness of courage when I finally managed to drive by myself.  As as kid grown-up in small city in Poland, I had an easy access to the bicycle routes, forest paths, meadows and dirt roads giving an excellent room for bicycle adventures. Till now, living in Athens, I am not afraid of the city jungle anymore and I conquer the Greek drivers attitude while heading to work with my bicycle. Feeling of Freedom and this feeling of the moment – lightness of courage to go by myself.

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