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Fashion Photography: Qio Hao F/W 2011 Serpens by Matthieu Belin Part II




Today we are coming with the second opening from the fashion story of Qio Hao F/W 2011 Serpens by Matthieu Belin initialized in the post:


This artistically saturated photoshoot is the result of the collaboration between photographer Matthieu Belin and fashion designer Qio Hao.

The creative duo joined the forces in depicting this interesting fashion concept of the collection “Serpens”. By revealing the mystery of the awe – inspiring fascinations and unexplained fear in the human nature toward reptiles we may finally get convinced in sophistication of this form.  Maintained in duo tone stylistics of black and white we are introduced into the ethereal world of two colored fashion fantasy with futuristic feminism,  subtly sculptural silhouettes and the declaration that peculiarity of reptile attribute can have definitely high fashion and chic clues as well.


Special thanks to Matthieu Belin for help and support.

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All the images are copyrighted @Matthieu Belin

Do not use and copy the images without the permission of the photographer Matthieu Belin

Please visit also: http://www.matthieubelin.com/

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Malgosia Bela by Karim Sadli for Vogue Paris, April 2012

Absolutely stunning beauty of Malgosia Bela is enhanced with an imaginative makeup exposure – somewhere between light avantgarde, pure pastoral inclinations and glam rock era. Her photogenic abilities and refined type of beauty enrich every single editorial with the model.


Vogue Paris, April 2012

Photographer: Karim Sadli

Model: Malgosia Bela

Images via



Fashion Photography: “Plastic Fantastic” photographed by TOMAAS

“Plastic Fantastic”, the alluring fashion story captured by TOMAAS  is an exceptional depiction of plastic awareness in an artistic expression. The plastic material is an overwhelming textile with a versatile significance in our everyday life. It is the most common material used by the people becoming an integral part of our existence. This ubiquity of synthetic structure can also establish the meaning of “the new black” among materials that in other words can result in “fantastic” connotation.

The concept of «Plastic Fantastic» originated from the editorial called “Eco Beauty” focusing on materials that accompany us in a daily routine. This exceptional story had several publications in international magazines as well as an exhibition exposure at the Icon Gallery in Chelsea NYC. The creative research and production gave the team a great satisfaction so that they decided to compose a fashion story based on only one material – plastic. And this is how “Plastic Fantastic” was “born”. Together with the ethereal beauty of Lisette from Ford Models, the creative team achieved unique concept of synthetic fabric presentation with subconscious message from fashion.

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Team Credits:
Photographer TOMAAS Represented by Robert Bacall Reps
Stylist: Carla Engler Represented by Bryant Bantry Reps
Hair: Seiji Uehara
Make-up: Fiona Thatcher For Make Up For Ever
Model: Lisette from Ford Models

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Urbane simplicity by MAISTROVAH Bags

The royal blue shades that merges with fine quality leather remained in a vintage touch are the trademark of MAISTROVAH bags. The items are not only sophisticated accessories but also a result of a passion in creating timeless statement based on environmental friendly solutions.  The inspiration of the bags was influenced by the contrast between clothing and our skin – the difference of textures that also can cooperate between each other.

The designer and creator of MAISTROVAH bags, Diana Maistrova keeps a modern approach into the concept of her design work. She believes in a contemporary way of art expression in life through the simple in the outline yet rich in detailing creations. In order to achieve such philosophy the products are made from the top quality materials coming along with sustainable production process, protection of the labor laws and fair trade practice. That is also why the bags are crafted in Italy from the initial pattern cut to the final stitches with the base on the top quality of the leather of lamb and embossed elements of calf. The vintage effect of the bag is resulted from the special techniques of production including Italian vegetable tanned method. The inner part is equipped with luxurious lining fabrics of suede in light blue colors.

The company of MAISTROVAH bags is an emerging brand that we should keep an eye on. With the growth of creative development, the label participates in the interesting project of Kickstarter.com that helps to make a promising start in the business. You can check and assist the profile of MAISTROVAH bags here with the chance of winning attractive rewards as a supporter as well!

Special Thanks to Diana Maistrova for help and assistance.

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The images are the courtesy of MAISTROVAH bags owner – Diana Maistrova

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GlamBite: Persephoni

Designer: Persephoni 

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