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GLAM EYE: Handcrafted touches for a unique interior.

Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_12

The incorporation of a few handcrafted touches into a home’s interior design can transform a living space from cold and impersonal to warm and unique, giving the house a greater sense of personality and making it feel more welcoming and homely to both guests and residents.

Where can I purchase handcrafted design?

The introduction of the Internet into our lives has made it so much easier to source handcrafted and unique design objects than was previously possible. Sites such as Etsy allow talented designers, artists, and craftspeople to display and sell their designs from and to anywhere in the world, and the great thing is that sellers deal directly with buyers and avoid the expense of intermediaries and agents.

The eco trend

Handcrafted art is really trending right now with its natural look and innovative ways of reusing and upcycling unwanted materials. Handcrafted art uses natural materials that feel comfortable and organic, and the ‘eco look’ is one of the biggest trends in interior decorating right now. Blend natural materials with stylish design using everything from tree branches and bark to dried flowers, driftwood, seashells, and pinecones for unique dining table decorations or a contemporary alternative to a traditional flower arrangement.

Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_6 Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_5 Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_4 Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_2

Original art

Paintings, prints, and photographs are familiar sights in house stagings, etc., but original art pieces have a uniqueness that mass-produced, commercial pieces fail to capture. Whether one buys an artist’s original or a limited edition custom print, choosing a piece with consideration and thought enables a personal connection between homeowner and artist, and hopefully a work of art that one will enjoy viewing for years to come. Limited edition prints on stretch canvas echo pop art and modern pop culture and are a quirky fusion of the photography and fine art mediums.

Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_12 Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_11 Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_10 Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_9

Wall decor

Embroidered wall hangings or fabric hoops have an amazing 3D effect and have been an integral part of interior home design since ancient times; there is something very warm and homey about the feel of fabric and embroidered textiles on a wall. Fawn and squirrel fabric wall decor hoops are inspired by everything from American film classics to delightful baby animals.

Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_1 Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_13

Useful accessories

Handcrafted touches can be as functional as they are decorative! Make a kitchen appear warm and rustic with  made from pebbles collected by the seashore or the river, or office supply holders made from things found on a woodland walk. If one’s especially crafty, one could make his or her own, but it’s also possible to source original pieces online that are both quality and one-of-a-kind.

Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_19 Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_18 Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_17 Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_16 Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_15 Handcrafted touches for a unique interior_14 Handcrafted touches for a unique interior

Even traditional interior elements can benefit from a handcrafted touch; for example, one could make his or her vintage coffee table out of an old door panel, or one’s own DIY window shutters with plantation shutter parts. The raw wood look instantly adds something special to any home. Some inspired interior designers have even found new and original ways to upcycle old window shutters, such as a unique notice board, magazine rack, plant hanger, or shoe rack.

Images via Etsy.com

Fashion Focus: Jazz Age-inspired fashion for Spring/Summer 2012

Ranya Mordanova & Janice Seinen Alida Vogue Turkey, March ’12

The Roaring Twenties, was definitely the time of a new woman – free, self-confident and extravagant vixen releasing from the tight rules and corsets. The woman who finally could abolish the old-fashioned vision of a home-hidden woman with  career centered ambitions and liberty of mind. The Jazz Age was some kind of a fresh breeze of opulence that allowed women to experiment with a new fashion – flapper silhouettes with androgyny twist, Orient style and headwear detailing, swinging fringe embellishments, sharp knife pleats, sensual transparency and fluidity of silk.  The decade was unfortunately placed between cruelty of First World War and upcoming Great Depression that deemed the self-esteem of the 1920s.

Daga Ziober in Vogue Germany, January 2012

The style of Jazz Age with all the lavish attributes like golden embellishments, sharp pleats, vivid graphic prints, feathers and ostrich hair detailing together with fringed hems is also ever returning fashion trend initialized by Ralph Lauren. That is because the designer was responsible for costume project for “Great Gatsby”, the movie adaptation from 1974 with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow as the protagonists.

“Great Gatsby” (1974)  Mia Farrow and Robert Redford

The great revival of The Roaring Twenties on the Spring/Summer 2012 catwalks results from the remake of the “Great Gatsby” movie adaptation by the director Baz Luhrmann that is going to be released in late 2012. The silhouettes of low waist flapper dresses, loose pants, feminine beanies and wrap headwear, glamour evening wear were the most sophisticated yet common images on Gucci, Etro, Ralph Lauren, Chloe, Christian Dior any many renowned fashion houses and brands.

First offical image from "Great Gatsby" 2012

Along with the bold graphics and Art Deco inspirations on the clothing the beauty on the catwalks focused the factors typical for Jazz Age – heavy makeup of the eyes – forming Cleopatra signature or short bob hairstyles with baby fringe styling, Interesting aspect is shown by the fashion editorials as well. There are numerous interpretations depicting Jazz Age bliss infusing the ultramodern approach with the splendor and timelessness of the bygone 20s.

Spring Summer 2012 Catwalks – Jazz Age Revival :

GUCCI Spring/Summer 2012

ETRO Spring/Summer 2012

ALBERTA FERRETTI Spring/Summer 2012

RALPH LAUREN Spring/Summer 2012

Images via Style.com

Jazz Age Revival in Fashion Photography:

Ranya Mordanova and Janice Seinen Alida by Phil Poynter for Vogue Turkey, March ’12 

Saskia De Brauw, Arizona Muse, Joan Smalls by Karl Lagerfeld for Harper’s Bazaar US, March 2012

Katy Perry by Mikael Jansson for Interview,  March 2012

Saskia de Brauw by Mert and Marcus, Interview March 2012

Alessandra Ambrossio by Chad Pitman for Muse Winter 2011

Daga Ziober by Sebastian Kim for Vogue Germany, January 2012

Karlie Kloss by Alexi Lubomirski for Vogue Germany, December 2011

Images via Fashionising.com


Lanvin Optical Collection 2012

Lanvin, one of the first Fashion House in Paris after a successful debut of its 2012 Sunglasses Collection, decided to transfer the rich heritage of the house with ultra modern twist on the first eyewear optical collection. The line originated from the fruitful collaboration with De Rigo Group and creative Alber Elbaz on the helm. The French fashion Maison intends to reflect sophisticated signature with the retro and contemporary characteristics on the classy eyewear. With the special dedication to eye convenience, Lanvin reveals a special attention to the research of the materials and styles.

The accessories are accomplished from diversity of details including silver, golden and gun metals along with a special antique finishing. Thanks to jewel detailing merged with screws, nails and small studs the eyewear has unique and inimitable touch with the exclusive features. The palette of colors balances between natural beige and brown hues, ocean blue tones, classic black and Havana embellished with catchy color combinations.

The two main themes – Retro Chic and Industrial Touch – convey the refined nature of the collection marrying practical professionalism with elegant attributes. The Retro Chic has inspiration roots taken from Lanvin’s Art Deco jewellery and accessories, featured on prêt-à-porter collection. The urbane twist of 1930s is embodied with alluring feel of retro along with ritzy shapes – oval and cat eye outlines. Industrial Touch on the contrary is a modern approach into the stylish geometry applied with eye-catching details and color combinations.

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L’ILE AUX ASHBY – graphic magic mixture of “Cosmopolitan Beau”

Clever mixture of art deco, architecture, graphic geometry and pop culture is the indicator of “Cosmopolitan Beau “– color adorned graphic collection under the signature of L’ILE AUX ASHBY (pronounce as “L” “OR” “ASH” “B”).  Manifesting the style of a smart urbanite, the designer Rayson Tan invites us into the enchanting fashion art story unveiling bold graphic accessories and clothing. Precise cut detailing, classy cartoon trig and vivid diversity of colors encompass the concept of the collection in three essential attributes – quality, detail and exclusivity.

Crafted in cohesion with individuality, the collection depicts a medley of shapes revealing their importance in our lifestyles. Architectural twist of squares and rectangular shapes can provide us with the feeling of protection and safety. Circles along with art deco and pop culture inclinations enhance to fulfill the harmony in our lives. Triangular forms convey the dynamism of progression or movement. The fusion of all the influential shapes from the collection establish the state of mind and heart outlining complex yet unique balance.

The creative mind of L’ILE AUX ASHBY, Rayson Tan graduated from Communication Design from LASALLE SIA College of The Arts in Singapore. In 2005 he won Red Dot Design Concept, an international award signifying the prestige of good design in products. Having experience as a graphic designer, Rayson continued his fashion affinity with accessories design. L’ILE AUX ASHBY brand has many publications in VOGUE, VOGUE Italia, Glamour UK, Surface Asia and Refinery29.com.

Rayson believes that design is the welcome mist of air in our environment. “Design envelops us, creating an impact in our daily routine. I have a strong desire to create the best designs that will hopefully revolutionize the way people perceive their surroundings; my intentions are to unlock the eyes and provoke thoughts. I am often spellbound with the world around me and that is where I find my inspiration.” (Quoted text from the Press Release)


Special Thanks to Rayson Tan, the founder of L’ILE AUX ASHBY for help and assistance.

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Images are the courtesy of L’ILE AUX ASHBY

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Visit: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lileauxashbybyraysontan

         Twitter: www.twitter.com/lileauxashby

         Website: http://www.raysontan.com/

 Images Credits:

L’ile aux Ashby – “Cosmopolitan Beau”
Model: Natalie |WM|
Featuring Designer: Rayson Tan |L’ile aus Ashby|
Stylist: Mile Supakasem
Photographer: Surachai Saengsuwan

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