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Fashion Designer: Ioanna Kourbela Spring/Summer 2014 The Ethics of Aesthetics.


Tribal glamazons of the cityscape – this is my first and entirely deep impression of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection of Ioanna Kourbela entitled under the exact to the subject name “The Ethics of Aesthetics”.

There is a strong factor of crisp white  esthetics interlaced with clean cuts, mild and earthy shades that are implemented with the ethnical factors of laser-cut elements and pleats.  The garment seems to be designed for full comfort in femininity and ubiquitous lightness. Some bare components like open back dresses, transparent fabrics and asymmetrical lines definitely stands for the balance to pouring forms and waterfall shapes. Such a conceal-reaveal concept. What is more, the collections is accentuated with the small post bags, cute headbands and platform footwear ans flat leather sandals.

“The Ethics of Aesthetics

If the body in reality is a garment of the soul,

the inner being cannot take any other clothes,

only extensions of the body.

… and if the fabrics, colors and pulses

succeed to reach a naked body to morality,

then, yes,

you can say that it is summer.”


Images are the courtesy of Ioanna Kourbela post Office.

Visit also the Official Website: Ioanna Kourbela

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Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_152 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_001 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_008 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_017 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_023 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_026 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_027 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_036 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_038 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_039 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_043 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_056 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_057 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_059 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_060 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_063 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_072 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_078 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_079 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_082 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_083 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_101 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_102 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_119 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_129 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_149 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_150a Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_151



Fashion Photography: Patrycja Gardygajlo for Vogue Turkey by Emre Guven.



Vogue Turkey

Photography by Emre Guven

Model Patrycja Gardygajlo

Styled by Naz Bileydi

Hair by Ibrahim Zengin,

Makeup by Ali Riza Ozdemir

Images via

Patrycja-Gardygajlo-VOGUE-Turkey-Emre-Guven-01 Patrycja-Gardygajlo-VOGUE-Turkey-Emre-Guven-02 Patrycja-Gardygajlo-VOGUE-Turkey-Emre-Guven-03 Patrycja-Gardygajlo-VOGUE-Turkey-Emre-Guven-04 Patrycja-Gardygajlo-VOGUE-Turkey-Emre-Guven-05 Patrycja-Gardygajlo-VOGUE-Turkey-Emre-Guven-06 Patrycja-Gardygajlo-VOGUE-Turkey-Emre-Guven-07 Patrycja-Gardygajlo-VOGUE-Turkey-Emre-Guven-08 Patrycja-Gardygajlo-VOGUE-Turkey-Emre-Guven-09 Patrycja-Gardygajlo-VOGUE-Turkey-Emre-Guven-10


Fashion Video: Alexander McQueen & Damien Hirst Scarf Collaboration

Alexander McQueen & Damien Hirst Scarf Collaboration

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the skull scarf, Alexander McQueen presents an exclusive collaboration with Damien Hirst.
The iconic skull scarf has been a signature accessory of the house first seen in the 2003 Irere collection.”

Please note: This is not my video and I’m not claiming any rights on it.