Fashion Designer: AW 14/15 Capsule Collection by Claudia Danna.


Press Release:

E x o t i c landscapes and industrial scenarios, abandoned and contaminated suburbs, where the rough nature and the unfinished construction seem to want to prevail one on the other. Tactile and sensory perceptions are focused on the Autumn Winter 2014-2015 collection presented during Altaroma Altamoda july 2014. A project
that celebrates the ability of coexistence between natural and artificial elements, that together constitute a new identity. The decadence, the final stage of the natural process, becomes becomes the most favorable condition to fulfill this course: the opaque white of the walls is represented by the large volumes of outerwears, at times affected by fragments of murals soaked of symmetries, that crash on black and gray of the rounded and flowing forms of fresh lime. Verdant wild plants growing above and below the synthetic surface, tattered, deteriorated, and stand around massive skeletons of shimmering aluminum, until absorbing it. The white shirt, basic item of clothing par excellence, becomes versatile and adaptable for both day and night. Finally, sneakers, fanny packs and small backpacks are the setting for a
sporty-chic style, that dares and goes beyond, perfectly intertwined with experimental materials and sophisticated manufacturing.

Fabrics: woven, jersey, leather, neoprene and cotton.
Colors: white, black, grey, silver, green, blue.

Images are the courtesy of Claudia Danna

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FashBack: Hot House Flowers by Steven Klein for Vouge US January 2013.



Magazine Vouge US January 2013

Editorial:  Hot House Flowers

Photographer:  Steven Klein

Models: Karen Elson and Carolyn Murphy

Styled by Grace Coddington

Images VIA

US-Vogue_Steven-Klein-01 US-Vogue_Steven-Klein-02 US-Vogue_Steven-Klein-03 US-Vogue_Steven-Klein-04 US-Vogue_Steven-Klein-05 US-Vogue_Steven-Klein-06 US-Vogue_Steven-Klein-07 US-Vogue_Steven-Klein-08 US-Vogue_Steven-Klein-09 US-Vogue_Steven-Klein-10






Foto abiti Michele Miglionico.6

Natural and artistic beauties in Matera and Basilicata inspire fashion designer  Michele Miglionico to support with his Haute Couture clothes the Candidacy of Matera as European Capital of Culture 2019.

Basilicata (Italy) born designer  Michele Miglionico while attending the event Fashion Award Città dei Sassi 2014,  that took place in the wonderful Piazza San Francesco d’Assisi in Matera (Italy), supported “Matera European Candidate as Capital of Culture 2019” showing three outfits inspired by three of the Madonnas venerated in his region:  Black Madonna of Viggiano, Madonna of Bruna and Madonna of Carmine.

The Orchestra Amitiés made of fourty-three musicians and directed by Matera born  Grazia Giusto performed a new song arranged by the composer and director of the orchestra Luigi Lombardi d’Aquino to highlight the lyricism and the drama of the performance.

 Michele Miglionico imagined, in a blaze of organzas rounded by valencienne laces,  crochets covered by tulle point d’esprit, brocades and taffettas in silk, his woman-madonna hanging on the balance between sacred and profane but always romantic and sensual.

Those three outfits are made with the designer’s favourite couture colours: white black and scarlet red.

Foto abito Michele Miglionico.1 Foto abito Michele Miglionico

Foto abito Michele Miglionico.5

Foto abito Michele Miglionico.2 Foto abito Michele Miglionico.3

During the performance the couturier remembered the movie “Il Vangelo secondo Matteo” ( the Gospel according to St.Matthew) of director Piero Paolo Pasolini, as the very first movie with Christian subject shot in the City of the Sassi fifty years ago and just now restored showing some of the images from the film.

The models’ look has been completed with the sculptured jewels from Monies collection, by the hair stylist Paola Cancelliere  and her Staff –Wella Official Partner of  Fashion Award Città dei Sassi –  and by make up artist  Pablo Gil Cagnè and his Staff.

 An innovative and original view of Matera that with the language of Italian Haute Couture is ready to present new suggestions and emotions.

Foto abito Michele Miglionico.4




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