“Nuptus” Spring/Summer 2012 collection by Sylvio Giardina

Sylvio Giardina is a very creative designer who successfully joins the concept of synergy in fashion and art. His renowned signature originates from the form of visual art implemented on the ensemble. As he proved before (see FW collection) the clothes has innovative feel, sculptural forms, always chic and elegant. Sylvio Giardiana is one of those designers that experiment, invents and reinvents the costume structure with amazing results giving a fresh point of view into the definition of elegance and style. Every single design resembles a journey into imaginative creations outlining captivating idea, fresh touch and unconventional use of fabrication.

The collection “NUPTUS”for Spring/Summer 2012 was successfully previewed with the dress created from expanded polytene and jersey fabrics detailed with Swarovski crystals for the 3rd edition of LIMITED/UNLIMITED exhibition project curated by AltaRoma and Silvia Venturini Fendi.

As the sneak peak of the collection, the dress defined an infusion of traditional bridal concept with slightly deconstructed yet feminine feel of the line.

The main inspiration of the collection is based on the idea of veil and cloud resulting in constant flexibility and introduction of new aesthetics for the female silhouettes. There is a visible treatment of the ensemble like a sculpture piece. Enriched with a summer palette of white, black, orange, copper, light blue and green the garment has a specific fluidity and subtle dynamism of shapes that redefine a female body. It is some kind of futuristic elegance interlaced into improved traditional lines. The practicality of softness and sinuous volumes release a freedom of movement through apparels making the collection very wearable. The crucial core of the collection is to highlight the sphericity of the female silhouette for the purpose of body comfort.  This specific amenity results from the use of the unconventional mix of fabrication – polytene foam and jersey forming quite futuristic idea of the renewed classical construction. There is also an impact of luxury with the drops of Swarovski crystals embellished on the garment. As the collection enhances freedom of body movement, military uniforms inspire the significant pieces.



Severin Queyras


Giacomo Simoni


Kilian Marin


Mary Cesardi model Anastasia Ivanova


NUPTUS by Sylvio Giardina

NUPTUS – as the latest creation of the prolific arist and couture fashion designer – Sylvio Giardina is the respose for the 3rd edition of LIMITED/UNLIMITED exhibition project, curated by AltaRoma and Silvia Venturini Fendi. This redefinition of bridal gown with unconventional results is composed from expanded polytene and jersey with details in Swarovski crystals. The effect is marvellous depicting a piece of clothing like a tender and soft, cloudy-like construction with sartorial hint. This experimental design is a successful attempt of opposition to the conventional and glossy image of slim and bloodless silhouettes. As a result the tradition is juxtaposed with innovative yet sensual harmony discovering renewed aesthetics of the Sylvio Giardina’s stamp which was mentioned in the post about his autumn / winter 2011 / 2012 collection.  

Images: courtesy of the designer Sylvio Giardina

Visit also: http://www.sylviogiardina.com/

Sylvio Giardina’s Sculptural Womanity

Sylvio Giardina is a creative person, fashion designer, couturer who launches his eponymous label highlighting a new definition of womanhood – minimal and sculptural femininity avoiding the cliches. His signature is based on architectural inspirations deconstructing the forms in skillfull high-fashion tailoring. The designs are a great example of wearable fusion of fashion and art detailed with Plexiglass accessories. 
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Sylvio Giardina autumn / winter 2011 / 2012 collection

photographer: Severine Queyras
styling: Giacomo Simoni
hair-style: Tony Zinni
make-up: Luciano Squeo
Images: courtesy of Sylvio Giardina
Visit also: www.sylviogiardina.com