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Vintage Leather ind. – Vintage Journey with Fashion time machine

Vintage leather – the smooth feeling of velvet on the surface juxtaposed with strong and sturdy texture of the material. With such a contrasting nature vintage leather is a contradiction for itself. Despite that fact, genuine leather especially in a vintage type can spice up the look and create very chic and edgy statement indeed. There is also another, most essential attribute – the timelessness of the vintage leather. According to the famous way of saying by Ives Saint Laurent: “Fashions fade, style is eternal”, we can observe what is verified by cruel time and what stays for ages. Vintage leather definitely leaves the impression of eternal classics in the dress code. That is why, without a glimpse of hesitation I joined great collaboration with Vintage Leather ind.a special place “infusing the passion for vintage heritage and leather versatility.” You will find there great collections for men and women with smoothness and edginess of the vintage leather forming rock’n’roll chic, bohemian claw, vintage panache influenced by 70’s and 80’s vibes and rebellious nature of the garment all inclusive. One great vintage leather statement – vintage leather jackets, leather coats, leather skirts and dresses, suede and leather vests, and suede short dungarees with flirty attitude. Even the website leaves a genuine message of the vintage leather concept encoded into the design and graphics in a very smart and chic manner. If you check it you will know what I meanJ. Vintage Journey with  Fashion time machine.
Vintage Leather ind.

As far as I am concerned I’ve always had a great affection for vintage leather clothing no matter if we consider the line for men or women. I am a complete enthusiast of leather jackets, ultra appealing leather dresses and skirts or leather pants. What is more, my affinity to the vintage leather has probably subconscious background – either because of my music/lifestyle/other preferences or tomboy-ish way of thinking whenever I open my wardrobe. For example leather jacket is a must have for me on a daily basis. It is an indispensable element of my wardrobe and I always hunt for more vintage treasures whether possible. That is why I am very glad to join the project and start writing about vintage leather style, fashion inspirations and trends on the Vintage Leather ind. Blog.

While considering the everlasting significance, you may have this specific image of young Hollywood heroes like Marlon Brando or James Dean who actually initialized the Leather mania. And then to go further with the trends development and alternation of the leather clothing especially in the 70’s and 80’s decades that are considered to be a crucial era for the leather clothing growth.  After all, we have a present picture, leather proudly worn by ladies and gents, no matter of the age and preferences, vintage leather with versatile meaning.
Numerous revivals of vintage culture are visible not only in catwalks, fashion inspirations that used to be an oracle of the latest trends.  Nowadays we may observe very important change – the Armageddon of high street and it never-ending interpretations of style presented through bloggers, fashionistas and fashion icons. I am aware of the fact that I didn’t discover a great unknown. But nothing can hide my astonishment over vintage culture and its enormous impact not only into the fashion stage but also our mentality. We started praising things that were regarded as past and forgotten by the previous generations – our parents and grandparents to be more precise. And what is more, we recreate them into our own dress code with creative results. This game of mix and match is observable on every fashion blog giving a new taste and originality into the classics. We love comebacks, reversible returns and their present modifications. We love vintage culture indeed.
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VMAN "The Decades" Winter 2011 By Benjamin Lennox

VMAN Winter 2011
“The Decades”
Photography by Benjamin Lennox
fashion editor Tom Van Dorpe
Models: Reid PrebendaElvis JankusVladimir IvanovLuka BadnjarRyan KennedyJohn RuitenbeekLowell TautchinAnthon WellsjoDmitriy TannerIan MellencampJustin BravoGerman RuizKem WalkerPhil MollerCharlie TimmsMichael TintiucPaul BocheNicola WincencBaptiste RadufeMilo SpijkersMatthew TerryEthan JamesLinus GustinAiden AndrewsJakob Wiechmann and Taylor Gannon

“Fashion isa timeless form of expression and we always seem to be looking ahead, lionizingthe new, craving what’s to come, often ,though, we forget to remember ourroots, the codes of menswear that have been handed down for generations. Inthese pages we acknowledge the other answer to that enduring question. Whatmakes a man: not just his clothes, but the men before him”. (VMAN )

Upper Wildside – Monika Sawicka by Txema Yeste for Tush #26

Tush Magazine #26
Upper Wildside
Photo by Txema Yeste
Model Monika Sawicka
Styling Bernat Buscato

Channeling Lady Gaga …


GlamBite: Alexander McQueen skeleton knit tube dress

Alexander McQueen tube dress is a perfect choice for an eveningwear during exclusive cocktail parties as well as closed circle gatherings with relatives and friends. This exceptional item can be indispensable if we want to spice up the look with imaginative twist and edgy artistry. Thanks to the skeleton knit that is unquestionably a trademark of Alexander McQueen’s pride, the dress defines simplicity underlined with unique lace contouring. Black coverage of the dress is cunningly softened with silk lining in nude color.  As a result of this maneuver we obtain a slight and well toned gothic touch with a chic story left behind with model pumps and traditional clutch. Take a closer look at the impressive detailing of the knit that speaks for itself with the indisputable artisanship of the house.
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Fashion inspiration: Gender Blur – Ginta Lapina & Andrej Pejic by Sebastian Kim for Numéro #128

Numéro #128
Les Gémeaux
Photo by Sebastian Kim
Models  Ginta Lapina & Andrej Pejic
Styled by  Charles Varenne