Fashion Designer: Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015/16

Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_2

“Fall/Winter 2015-2016
“Black Mirror” by SYLVIO GIARDINA
Art and its artifacts always infuse Sylvio Giardina’s work. In his new creative project, a small, dark,
slightly convex object with a black tinted surface fascinated Sylvio: it was the “Claude mirror”,
which abstracts landscape sceneries, while unifying shapes and lines and blurring details. The new
creative process starts from this vision, where fabrics and shapes blend and colors sway. Black
plays a predominant role in the collection, yet the polished and mirroring fabrics create optical
and vibrant effects, giving way to pure geometric shapes, defined by brown, navy blue and hazel
hues. Some outfits are embellished with Plexiglas necklaces, playing out a double role,
complementing the dress and working as an accessory. Fiercely believing in having fun by letting
ideas run free, Sylvio introduces to the public a mini collection of accessories, made of earrings in
mirroring black Plexiglas and tortoiseshell necklaces.
Fabrics: velvet, multiprene, leather, scuba, jersey, lace, tulle, mesh;
Colors: black, navy blue, mustard, brown, camel, hazel, burgundy.”

Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_1 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_23 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_3 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_4 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_5 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_6 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_7 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_8 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_9 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_10 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_11 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_12 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_13 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_14 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_15 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_16 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_17 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_18 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_19 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_20 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_21 Sylvio Giardina Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook_22

Fashion Designer: AW 14/15 Capsule Collection by Claudia Danna.


Press Release:

E x o t i c landscapes and industrial scenarios, abandoned and contaminated suburbs, where the rough nature and the unfinished construction seem to want to prevail one on the other. Tactile and sensory perceptions are focused on the Autumn Winter 2014-2015 collection presented during Altaroma Altamoda july 2014. A project
that celebrates the ability of coexistence between natural and artificial elements, that together constitute a new identity. The decadence, the final stage of the natural process, becomes becomes the most favorable condition to fulfill this course: the opaque white of the walls is represented by the large volumes of outerwears, at times affected by fragments of murals soaked of symmetries, that crash on black and gray of the rounded and flowing forms of fresh lime. Verdant wild plants growing above and below the synthetic surface, tattered, deteriorated, and stand around massive skeletons of shimmering aluminum, until absorbing it. The white shirt, basic item of clothing par excellence, becomes versatile and adaptable for both day and night. Finally, sneakers, fanny packs and small backpacks are the setting for a
sporty-chic style, that dares and goes beyond, perfectly intertwined with experimental materials and sophisticated manufacturing.

Fabrics: woven, jersey, leather, neoprene and cotton.
Colors: white, black, grey, silver, green, blue.

Images are the courtesy of Claudia Danna

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claudia-danna_decay_20 claudia-danna_decay_01 claudia-danna_decay_02 claudia-danna_decay_03 claudia-danna_decay_04 claudia-danna_decay_05 claudia-danna_decay_06 claudia-danna_decay_07 claudia-danna_decay_08 claudia-danna_decay_09 claudia-danna_decay_10 claudia-danna_decay_12 claudia-danna_decay_14 claudia-danna_decay_16 claudia-danna_decay_17 claudia-danna_decay_18 claudia-danna_decay_19

Zimmermann Fall/Winter 2011/12 lookbook


Rebellion is the Night

autumn / winter 2012 ad campaign


Bjorg Jewellery – 2012 LOOKBOOK

Mysticism of ancient legends and surrealism of modern sci – fi odyssey are the keys that encapsulate the poetry, romance and futurism bewitched in Bjorg Jewellery. This is very unique and exceptional line not only because of its eco friendly approach or dedication to craftsmanship tradition. The concept that balances between fine and raw is the key to the mystery of Bjorg jewels. Surrealistic inspirations infused with Charles Darwin’s point of view and ancient truths of mythology summarize nomadic approach and industrial touch of accessories. That is probably because of the origins, creative background in art and inspirational life of the creator of the Bjorg Jewellery Bjorg Nordli Mathisen. As the supporter of nomadic lifestyle and everlasting traveling he searches for creative stimulus around the world. From the origin of Bjorg Jewellery in 2004 Bjorg releases two conceptual collections per year.  The latest line for 2012 entitled “Not all those who wander are lost” sounds like a proverb of wisdom whispered by the ancient prophets. You may feel these insubstantial powers through stunning lookbook conveying dreamlike scenarios of Misty Mountains where the time stopped in one point keeping the presence of Dark Knights and Beautiful Maidens captured in Arthurian Legends. The jewels reveal deep admiration for precious stones with iridescent colours, horsehair and feathers, claws, wings, chains and intricacy of spine construction and relic pieces.

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Fantasy photomontage – Prada fall 2011

Prada Autumn(Fall)/Winter 2011 / 2012
Fantasy Look Book
Model: Arizona Muse, Hailey Clauson, Daphne Groeneveld, Nimue Smit, Ginta Lapina, Anais Pouliot & Sara Blomqvist

Prada, apart from being a leader in trendsetting destinations, has also a very creative yet peculiar signature in the imagery field. The look books, ad campaigns, advertorials and designs have a specific, uncanny impact into the reality inserting quite abstract, at times grotesque visions of a style. The latest Prada imagery for the fall 2011 season – titled Fantasy – goes that way and is a fantasy indeed. It is like a psychedelic journey into the dreamy surrealism of a collage backdrop, with the mosaic nature of a photomontage and signature looks of Prada.
 As the collection relates to the lady-like statement and immortal, vibrant inspirations of the 1960s, the lookbook invites you into the magical world of Wonderland framed into the collage pictures. With the implemented techniques of old school retouching the lookbook becomes a captivating clip art mixture of vintage vibes taken from the 60s revival with a genuine message.(…)

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Dior Cruise 2012 – vintage vibes

Dior Cruise 2012
Model: Monika “Jac” Jagaciak & Antonio Navas
Photography: Ellen von Unwerth
Saturated colors of summer vibes, unforgettable memories captured on film, the joyfulness of bright days – this is how we could describe the relaxed candidness of the Dior Cruise 2012 lookbook. There is no theatrical drama, no affected performance, no constrained act of sophistication, just youthful naturalness and feelings of freedom.
Rising stars in modeling Monika Jac Jagaciak and Antonio Navas channel succulent summer atmosphere in the lens of Ellen von Unwerth. Jac being a perfect choice for the theme of praising youth elevates the vintage spirit. She divides the image into two icons resembling the ladylike charm of Grace Kelly and flirty frivolity of Brigit Bardot. The style stands for the vintage inspired pieces stamped by the Dior signature. The collection hallmarks an interesting presentation of chunky transparent bracelets, cat eye shades, oversized bags, and holiday kaftans. (…)

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“Nuptus” Spring/Summer 2012 collection by Sylvio Giardina

Sylvio Giardina is a very creative designer who successfully joins the concept of synergy in fashion and art. His renowned signature originates from the form of visual art implemented on the ensemble. As he proved before (see FW collection) the clothes has innovative feel, sculptural forms, always chic and elegant. Sylvio Giardiana is one of those designers that experiment, invents and reinvents the costume structure with amazing results giving a fresh point of view into the definition of elegance and style. Every single design resembles a journey into imaginative creations outlining captivating idea, fresh touch and unconventional use of fabrication.

The collection “NUPTUS”for Spring/Summer 2012 was successfully previewed with the dress created from expanded polytene and jersey fabrics detailed with Swarovski crystals for the 3rd edition of LIMITED/UNLIMITED exhibition project curated by AltaRoma and Silvia Venturini Fendi.

As the sneak peak of the collection, the dress defined an infusion of traditional bridal concept with slightly deconstructed yet feminine feel of the line.

The main inspiration of the collection is based on the idea of veil and cloud resulting in constant flexibility and introduction of new aesthetics for the female silhouettes. There is a visible treatment of the ensemble like a sculpture piece. Enriched with a summer palette of white, black, orange, copper, light blue and green the garment has a specific fluidity and subtle dynamism of shapes that redefine a female body. It is some kind of futuristic elegance interlaced into improved traditional lines. The practicality of softness and sinuous volumes release a freedom of movement through apparels making the collection very wearable. The crucial core of the collection is to highlight the sphericity of the female silhouette for the purpose of body comfort.  This specific amenity results from the use of the unconventional mix of fabrication – polytene foam and jersey forming quite futuristic idea of the renewed classical construction. There is also an impact of luxury with the drops of Swarovski crystals embellished on the garment. As the collection enhances freedom of body movement, military uniforms inspire the significant pieces.



Severin Queyras


Giacomo Simoni


Kilian Marin


Mary Cesardi model Anastasia Ivanova

The Power of Femininity – Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 Lookbook

The Artemis shoulder bag in “Portrait of Marquise de Pompadour” by Jean Marc Nattier
Behind the Christian Louboutin‘s label there is not only luxury red sole signature hidden, but also imaginative yet chic shoe designs and inspiring ad campaigns. This season Louboutin continues its timeless fusion of fashion and art praising “The Power of Femininity ” by reenacments of the most iconic portraits from the previous centuries. The lookbook is a fashion time machine skillfully captured by  Peter Lippmann  and styled by Catherine Gorne. The campaign represents the vision of woman through its versatility and uniqueness through the embodiments of historic images merged with present designs of Christian Louboutin. 
I have also written about another example of fashion – art fusion in the post “Painted Ladies“.
‘Halte’-pump of Christian Louboutin in “Portrait of a Girl” by the French painter Jean Babtiste Camille Corot 
 The purple 8 Mignons sandal in ‘Saint Dorothy of Caesarea’ by Francisco de Zurburan

‘Puke’-booty van Christian Louboutin in “Madeleine à la veilleuse” by George de La Tour

The Tootsie’ankle boots in Whistler’s Mother by James McNeill Whistler

Catalina clunch and the Pigalilli platform pump with gold stiletto in “Elizabeth of Austria” by Francois Clouet

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Time SS’11 feat. Mariacarla Boscono

Korean fashion brand – Time seems to take numerous inspirations from Asian origins, architecture and sculpture forms because of its deconstructive features and crisp purity. Soft elegant drape, classic sophisticated line, modern cuts, minimalism harmonize with unique and gifted model Mariacarla Boscono. Despite her Italian roots, the images depicts her beauty with some Asian implementations. She makes this black and white lookbook very mysterious like juggling between sophisticated reality and soft dreaming.

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Chanel Cruise 2012 Look Book

Colour blocking yet monochromatic lookbook for Chanel Cruise 2012 collection reveals sophisticated simplicity through the artistry of Karl Lagerfeld. As the creator and photorapher, Karl managed to emphasize “a modern version of sophisticated dressing” with the help of his muse Baptise Giambiconi and latest amazement in fashion stage Saskia de Brauw. Saskia having already a French Vogue cover in her record, she hits the lookbook with androgynous charm and softness forming male – female ambiguous couple with Baptiste.

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Sylvio Giardina AW 2011/12

Sylvio Giardina  is a creative artist working for high fashion brands as haute couture designer with 15 years of experience. Recently he is launching own label that expresses bright creativity and presents a new female identity in his AW’11/12 collection. Through the study of a new silhouette’s structure Giardina endeavours to reshape the figure with skilful tricks of Italian high tailoring and avant-garde inspirations of current lines with a great result. The designs apart from being shapely imbalanced with displaced center of mass, they are a form of genuine line with the synergy of fashion and art.
The designer focuses on architectural aspect of male fabrics as cool wool, wool crepe and the sensual wool jersey embroidered with Sangallo lace. He slightly emphasizes standard proportions by the use of innovative cuts, renovating shapes, escaping from traditional clichés. This sophisticated collection consists of synthetic colours of helium blue, cadmium yellow along with anthracite grey and impure white bringing sartorial elegance in line of pants, tube dresses, shirts and structured jackets. Defined with avant-garde accessories of coloured mirror and Plexiglas buckles and belts, the outfits are transfigured into sculptural elements. 
My article is scheduled to be published on soon.
Credits :
photo Severine Queyras
styling Giacomo Simoni
hairstyle Tony Zinni
makeup Luciano Squeo

Images: courtesy of the designer.