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GlamBite: Lanvin JL, the new classic

“Bowling LanvinJL” is a new classic bag outlining a freshpoint of view on the daytime wardrobe in the latest release from Lanvin forsummer 2012. Luxurious fabrics of fine quality leather are composed in apalette of noble shades including sand, black, gold, brown and black. There isalso a refined selection of patterns including mélange of python skin or shinychestnut. The bag trademark is highlighted with the stitched initials JL. Byreinvention of classic proportions, the bag joins both traditional craftsmanshipand forwarding step in practicality of use. As a result every sophisticated daylook accompanied with LanvinJL will effect in exclusive elegance.
Images: Courtesy of Lanvin

Lanvin Menswear Winter 2012 – Bundle Up and Get Cozy

Chic, cozy and sophisticated pieces from Lanvin Menswear for cold times of Winter 2012 suggest wrapping up in cashmere smoothness, lush fur and luxurious winter layers. Very sporty and classic garments thanks to Lanvin’s magic hands transform into brilliant apparels with the signature elements of Cashmere, Mink and Crocodile. The hide and seek game on apparels is translated in a flawless manner into Lanvin clothing.
The reversible bomber hooded jacket is an exceptional element of the curated wardrobe idea. Having a double meaning meets the criteria of chic and practical use. Because of its transformative function you can play with the key looks of sporty elegance and sleek fur statement. The outside layer of the jersey cashmere outlines relaxed dress code while chocolate brown interior of mink composes exclusive refinement. 
Similar concept is inserted in the stylish hidden bottom coat. Classy black hue of cashmere on the cover hides fully removable warm brown mink lining. Fully cashmere concept is interlaced with cable knits of the collection.
The heather grey pullover with old-school touch spices up the wardrobe portfolio with a distinguish pair of Richelieu classic shoes with crocodile pattern.
Another, red opening of cashmere in the form of belted cardigan astound with well-designed softness and pleasing to eye design.
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“Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” Lanvin Cruise 2012 collection

With a great amazement and joy, I have received a press release from Lanvin on my mailbox recently. I am a fashion writer, blogger and owner of this niche blog at the very beginning of my future forward way. I treat this occupation as both a hobby and a future prospect. I feel very contented about the situation when Lanvin and many other designers or readers contact me through my blog. It means that what I present from myself does not go to the void. I put loads of passion and heart into my writing piece and I am happy with positive feedback. My blog exists for more than 6 months, but I started contribution for other blogs much before. From the beginning of this “blogging adventure”, I try as much as possible to write an essential content and to give some part of myself into writing implementing my ideas, thoughts, my point of view into creativity of fashion. Many thanks for reading and sharing! Thank you for time on EdelScope J.
Let’s focus on the illuminating Cruise 2012 of Lanvin that radiates with inner charm of femininity with the well known melody in its root. Entitled with the iconic song of Marilyn MonroeDiamonds are a Girl Best Friends Lanvin collection corresponds to the vibe of this song presenting cult sophistication of crystal gems and their immortal beauty. Diamonds have  unique and pure nature impossible to imitate. They are a reflection of luxury and crystal desire, personification of refined elegance. In Lanvin cruise collection they are omnipresent – encrusted on the bags and footwear, imprinted into the DNA of the ensembles, implemented into headpieces.  Such fashion statement mixed with the irresistible impulse to travel will form so called relaxed royalty stamped with Lanvin signature. After all there is no wonder that during a cruise trip or other type of inner voyage, the effect will be luminous in very literal meaning – with the help of holiday sun rays, water reflections and the dazzle of jewels to be more precise. Only Lanvin knows how to shape this sporty elegance emphasized with chic and brilliance of perfect crystals.  

Images: courtesy of LANVIN

Vogue China Collections F/W 2011 – Natasha Poly by Willy Vanderperre

Vogue China Collections Fall / Winter 2011
Model: Natasha Poly
Photographer: Willy Vandeperre

Luxurious geometry of fashion photography strikes my mind while digesting such a graphical sophistication modeled by Natasha Poly. Her presentation is so precise in posing against immaculate white backdrop, reaching meticulously every high fashion angle of most wanted pieces from Fall/Winter 2011. So that we have fetish soldier of  Louis Vuitton, Prada scholar girl, Lanvin Parisian chic or edgy fur lady of Alexander McQueen.


The Everlasting Soul by Sølve Sundsbø

“The Everlasting Soul “ is the journey through the significant pieces of the most iconic collections captured by the gifted photographer Sølve Sundsbø. The editorial is kept in a bit surrealistic mood with  ubiquitous ethereal smokes. The model Edita depicts several faces- from fragile nymph  to seductive femme fatale and Japaniese warrior in the captivating designs of Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Yohji Yamamoto, Ives Saint Laurent, Lanvin and Prada.

Vogue China Collections Issue Spring/Summer 2011
Photographer Sølve Sundsbø
Model  Edita Vilkeviciute
Fashion Editor/Stylist Nicoletta Santoro
Makeup Artist Petros Petrohilos
Hair Stylist Shon
Manicurist  Sophy Robson

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