The PANDORA collection invites us for the summer season with the new collection of handmade jewelery “Summer 2015”.  The line is made ​​of precious materials, reflecting the glow of the sea and the radiation of the summer sky. Jewellery is emphasized with the symbolism of ethnic. Continue reading “ACCEESSORIES: PANDORA SPRING/SUMMER 2015 – ESCAPING TO THE BEACH OF OR DREAMS.”


Fashion Inspiration: Icelandic Raw Nature in Staskauskas’ Jewelry Collection.

Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_02-600x600The raw nature of Iceland is a captivating theme for  Staskauskas’ Jewelry Collection encapsulating the purity of landcapes, lax mountains as well as conglomerate mixtures. The collection is composed of 70 unique , handmade pieces that unveil idiosyncratic styles, irregular forms and craved blocks. For the maintenance of the innovatory concept is complemented by both natural and syntetic materials such as volcanic ash, crushed lava, artificial resin, carbon, iron bones, gold and plastic.

The artist that stays behind the innovative idea of jewellery, Benas Staskauskas,  present his vision by saying:

“I call it performative sculpture and this includes basically any form and scale body related object. In other words – it’s a trigger point for characters behavior.”

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Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_22-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_21-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_20-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_19-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_18-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_17-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_16-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_15-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_14-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_13-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_12-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_11-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_10-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_08-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_07 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_05-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_04-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_03-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_01-600x600


GLAM EYE: Mademoizelle Sefra’s jewelry – Glamorous skull ring MSR4.

Mademoizelle Sefra's jewelry - Glamorous Skull Ring

Mademoizelle Sefra’s jewelry – Glamorous skull ring MSR4.

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Glam Eye: Harem Royal Headpiece.

Harem Royal HeadpieceHarem Royal Headpiece.

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Lanvin Accessories Summer 2013

Lanvin accessories summer 2013_44

The luxurious fashion house Lanvin unveils the Summer 2013 accessories line comprising purity and precision as the main factors of the collection.  The clever game between classicism and novelty are the main clues of the accessories signified by Alber Elbaz.  The three openings of the collection condense the top-to-toe look of clever elegance including the ORACLE jewel, the new shoulder bag PARTITION, the STILETTO heel.

Following the Press Release of Lanvin Accessories Summer 2013 let me bring closer an exclusive selection of the line:

“The ORACLE jewel finds its inspiration in the idea of a mirror reflecting antique beauty, as well as the hi-tech vision of a new form of jewelry. These two-tone gold and silver breastplates are both smooth and hand-beaten, covering the nape and shoulders. The line also features gold and silver cuffs, rings and earrings, as well as wide corset-like belts in smooth or bumpy metal or wood riveted with metal nails.”

Lanvin accessories summer 2013_37 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_40 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_39 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_36


“The new shoulder bag PARTITION has the raw, streamlined look of armor. The very graphic and curved shapes are worked in a peacock blue matte grained calf, beige crocodile effect calf or a sumptuous brushed metallic calf. A medium-sized bag is highlighted with a serpent chain and a clasp in metal and wood, horn or stone cabochon. The luxurious technique of “guilloché” engraving is combined with metal plates and decorative screws.”

Lanvin accessories summer 2013_04 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_03 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_02

“The STILETTO heel, a mix of industrial metal pieces and traditional craftsmanship, is built around a fine mirrored heel. LANVIN shoes offer themselves the pleasure of a vertiginous height. Luxurious materials such a matte monochrome python, a grained lambskin with hand stitching, brushed metallic calfskin or embossed vegetal leather, its authenticity is expressed in two designs, a pump with an ankle strap and a cowboy boot.”

Lanvin accessories summer 2013_68 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_67 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_66 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_65 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_64 Lanvin accessories summer 2013_63

These accessories are available in LANVIN boutiques and on the e-store

The Images and Press Release text are the courtesy of LANVIN Press Office