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Denimu and his imaginative pictures of denim icons, portraits, cityscapes

There are numerous experimental andinnovative approaches in which fashion is presented through unconventional wayseither by recycled wood designs, traditional craftsmanship of the beadingskulls on the red sole heel, mesmerized jewellery with butterfly wings or evenby crafted Vogue covers as many more examples difficult to enumerate in one. Nevertheless,there is also an opposite direction of the fashion message with the use oftypical fabrics like denim for alternative purpose than jeans apparels. Ian Berry, known as Denimu is a Britishartist based in Sweden who uses denim fabrics for hisartistic work composing imaginative pictures of denim icons, portraits, cityscapesand many more.
Everything started from thechildhood memories accidentally reborn in one of the charity shops whileobserving a pile of cast off jeans. Ian completely amazed about the structure, fadedbeauty of the denim fabrics and their sea of shades decided to transform itinto the striking idea of denim images. That is how the concept of denimpictures was initialized. This is a captivating way of expression to evokeforgotten memories, the ability to materialize the thoughts and renewtraditional conventions. Denim always played an important role for Ian being fascinated by its richheritage and significance in the society. Becoming Denimu, he found his ownlanguage in which he could fluently present his artistic inspirations.

Images: Courtesy of Denimu
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High Street Style: Anna Dello Russo, an unchallenged paragon of virtue in style

anna dello russo lace dress

Anna Dello Russo, an unchallenged paragon of virtue in style, always rocks the outfit that oozes her
irresistible charm and releases a refined sense of sophistication, elegance and the rich resources of her imagination. She plays a game with fashion, and she always wins, no matter what. And this time she is playing her trump card with her favorite lace statement in a look from Dolce & Gabbana spring 2011 paired with plain stilettos.
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Image was photographed by All The Pretty Birds