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GLAM EYE: Handcrafted touches for a unique interior.

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The incorporation of a few handcrafted touches into a home’s interior design can transform a living space from cold and impersonal to warm and unique, giving the house a greater sense of personality and making it feel more welcoming and homely to both guests and residents.

Where can I purchase handcrafted design?

The introduction of the Internet into our lives has made it so much easier to source handcrafted and unique design objects than was previously possible. Sites such as Etsy allow talented designers, artists, and craftspeople to display and sell their designs from and to anywhere in the world, and the great thing is that sellers deal directly with buyers and avoid the expense of intermediaries and agents.

The eco trend

Handcrafted art is really trending right now with its natural look and innovative ways of reusing and upcycling unwanted materials. Handcrafted art uses natural materials that feel comfortable and organic, and the ‘eco look’ is one of the biggest trends in interior decorating right now. Blend natural materials with stylish design using everything from tree branches and bark to dried flowers, driftwood, seashells, and pinecones for unique dining table decorations or a contemporary alternative to a traditional flower arrangement.

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Original art

Paintings, prints, and photographs are familiar sights in house stagings, etc., but original art pieces have a uniqueness that mass-produced, commercial pieces fail to capture. Whether one buys an artist’s original or a limited edition custom print, choosing a piece with consideration and thought enables a personal connection between homeowner and artist, and hopefully a work of art that one will enjoy viewing for years to come. Limited edition prints on stretch canvas echo pop art and modern pop culture and are a quirky fusion of the photography and fine art mediums.

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Wall decor

Embroidered wall hangings or fabric hoops have an amazing 3D effect and have been an integral part of interior home design since ancient times; there is something very warm and homey about the feel of fabric and embroidered textiles on a wall. Fawn and squirrel fabric wall decor hoops are inspired by everything from American film classics to delightful baby animals.

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Useful accessories

Handcrafted touches can be as functional as they are decorative! Make a kitchen appear warm and rustic with  made from pebbles collected by the seashore or the river, or office supply holders made from things found on a woodland walk. If one’s especially crafty, one could make his or her own, but it’s also possible to source original pieces online that are both quality and one-of-a-kind.

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Even traditional interior elements can benefit from a handcrafted touch; for example, one could make his or her vintage coffee table out of an old door panel, or one’s own DIY window shutters with plantation shutter parts. The raw wood look instantly adds something special to any home. Some inspired interior designers have even found new and original ways to upcycle old window shutters, such as a unique notice board, magazine rack, plant hanger, or shoe rack.

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