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Cycling with illume by Nikhil Kapoor.

Cycling with illume by Nikhil Kapoor

Apart from my fashion inclinations as you may notice from the pages of , I am also an avid bicycle rider.  I could say that bicycle riding is my passion somehow, because it started from early childhood years, from the moment I felt steady while driving on two wheels. I remember this feeling of the moment – the lightness of courage when I finally managed to drive by myself.  As as kid grown-up in small city in Poland, I had an easy access to the bicycle routes, forest paths, meadows and dirt roads giving an excellent room for bicycle adventures. Till now, living in Athens, I am not afraid of the city jungle anymore and I conquer the Greek drivers attitude while heading to work with my bicycle. Feeling of Freedom and this feeling of the moment – lightness of courage to go by myself.

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Glam Eye: Harem Royal Headpiece.

Harem Royal HeadpieceHarem Royal Headpiece.

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Glam Eye: Puma x McQ 2014/.

Puma x McQ 2014

Puma x McQ 2014/ Photo courtesy

Fashion Focus: Mohawk hairstyles in Fashion Photography.

The Vogue Netherlands May 2012 Photoshoot Stars a Savage Rianne ten Haken_1

Mohawk hairstyle that considered to be a warrior significance in Native American tradition is clearly visible in Fashion industry nowadays. The savage appearance of the Mohican hairdo is clashed with the sophisticated gowns, mixed with the neo-punk attitude and merged with the sporty classic. Presented in numerous openings from the colorful selection with the rainbow like effects, accentuated with feathers, braided like in the rustic fairy-tale, Mohican just proves that cannot be reserved to the 80’s punk subculture anymore.

Mohawk hairdo supposed to be a manifest signature for anarchy and opposition to consumptionism while with the progress of style became one of the trends that is frequently borrowed or even adopted in various versions on the catwalk, official and public events, photography and high street on every day basis.

Good or not, judge yourself . There is my favourite t-shirt from Panapoo “GPunk” that utterly covers the idea of punk attitude and style that I proudly wear on my daily basis.

Panapoo GPunk T-shirt
Panapoo GPunk T-shirt

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Take a look on the Fashion Focus selection by EdelScope that unveils Mohawk hairstyles in Fashion Photography:

The Vogue Netherlands May 2012 Photoshoot Stars a Savage Rianne ten Haken

Saskia de Brauw by Jan Walters for Antidote

Ana Beatriz Barros for Elle UK March 2012

Aline Weber by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Paris February 2012 Beauty

Aline Weber by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Paris February 2012 Beauty

Coco Rocha for Dressed to Kill


Catherine McNeil Gets Dark for Greg Kadel in Numéro #151

Malgosia Bela by Karim Sadli for Vogue Paris


‘Marching to a Different Beat’ in Vogue Nippon

The Dazed & Confused ‘A Scanner Darkly’

Under Her Spell’ by Nick Knight for Vogue UK

Patricija M by Xi Sinsong for Bambi Issue 10

The Numero ‘Solitaire’ Photoshoot Stars Model Martha Hunt

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