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Fashion Designer: Bianca Popp Fall/Winter 2015 – “Temple Invisible” Collection.

bianca popp aw 2015 look 11.2

The fashion signature of Bianca Popp is formed in theatrical influences and background that highly relates to her career in a theatrical costumography. As the Marangoni Master graduate from Istituto Marangoni Milan she started her own label in 2009. The designer’s passion for costumes pushed her for searching new perspective of style based on complex human behaviour and interactions while staying original and individual according to veracity of oneself. The eponymous label is focused on the adaptation of multiplicity of movement and self-esteem.

The collection for Fall/Winter 2015 season is a structured line that consists of 35 silhouettes that are deisgned in a geometrical twist. The vibe of the collection is kept in ultimate femininity emphasized with the signature knot. The palette of colors is defined by the black base along with the sombre colors consisting of grey, marsala, dark blue and white.

The designer wanted to express the strength and functionality as the main factor of the line with the selected presentation of fabrics such as neoprene, wool, cashmere, jersey tricot and synthetic leather. Playing on the balance of vigor and vulnerability, Bianca Popp craves to depict the group of independent modern women. The garment is pictured as the armor spirit fabric for protection purposes such as inconvenient weather conditions as well as the indication of the poised elegance of female body.

bianca popp aw 2015 look 24.1 bianca popp aw 2015 look 23.3 bianca popp aw 2015 look 22.1 bianca popp aw 2015 look 21.1 bianca popp aw 2015 look 20.1 bianca popp aw 2015 look 19.2 bianca popp aw 2015 look 18.2 bianca popp aw 2015 look 17.1 bianca popp aw 2015 look 16.1 bianca popp aw 2015 look 15.1 bianca popp aw 2015 look 14.2 bianca popp aw 2015 look 13.2 bianca popp aw 2015 look 12.2 bianca popp aw 2015 look 11.2 bianca popp aw 2015 look 10.1 bianca popp aw 2015 look 9.2 bianca popp aw 2015 look 8.1 bianca popp aw 2015 look 7.3 bianca popp aw 2015 look 6.1 bianca popp aw 2015 look 5.1 bianca popp aw 2015 look 4.1 bianca popp aw 2015 look 2.2 bianca popp aw 2015 look 1.1 bianca popp aw 2015 look 25.3

Fashion Inspiration: IVAN – Geometry-inspired jewellery line unveiled in their first collection “MMXV”.


The brand-new jewellery line by „IVAN” is highly inspired by the simplicity of geometry a fashion–focused concept of mathematical forms and shapes. The creative mind behind the IVAN brand is a Swedish artist – Ivan Pettersson who investigated about the the boundries between simplicity and the aspects of beauty in order to create unisex pieces of wearable architecture.

According to the Ancient Greek, the geometry that stands for γεωμετρία can be divided into two parts geo- “earth”, -metron “measurement”. This branch of mathematics is concerned with notions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space and is a perfect base for an innovative concept of IVAN jewellery. Not only because of its aesthetics itself, but also feedback as a fashion statement. By focusing on the pureness of traditional silversmithery, every single item of the collection is treated with special attention and produced as a piece of art. The jewellery pieces are handcrafted using a one-use only wax mould and high quality 925 silver – some items are finished with gold plating.

Worth-mentioning is also a captivating idea of a lookbook campaign of IVAN line as presented on their website and Instagram The half painted model with androgynous type of beauty is painted with pitch black color on hands and torso. The precise division between his skin and black color represents the unisex inclinations of purity in mathematical measures as well emphasize the clean conception of geometry.

Take a look at the impressive gallery of Ivan Geometry-inspired jewellery line unveiled in their first collection “MMXV”:




Fashion Designer: Ioanna Kourbela Spring/Summer 2014 The Ethics of Aesthetics.


Tribal glamazons of the cityscape – this is my first and entirely deep impression of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection of Ioanna Kourbela entitled under the exact to the subject name “The Ethics of Aesthetics”.

There is a strong factor of crisp white  esthetics interlaced with clean cuts, mild and earthy shades that are implemented with the ethnical factors of laser-cut elements and pleats.  The garment seems to be designed for full comfort in femininity and ubiquitous lightness. Some bare components like open back dresses, transparent fabrics and asymmetrical lines definitely stands for the balance to pouring forms and waterfall shapes. Such a conceal-reaveal concept. What is more, the collections is accentuated with the small post bags, cute headbands and platform footwear ans flat leather sandals.

“The Ethics of Aesthetics

If the body in reality is a garment of the soul,

the inner being cannot take any other clothes,

only extensions of the body.

… and if the fabrics, colors and pulses

succeed to reach a naked body to morality,

then, yes,

you can say that it is summer.”


Images are the courtesy of Ioanna Kourbela post Office.

Visit also the Official Website: Ioanna Kourbela

Shop in Eshop Ioanna Kourbela

Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_152 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_001 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_008 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_017 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_023 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_026 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_027 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_036 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_038 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_039 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_043 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_056 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_057 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_059 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_060 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_063 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_072 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_078 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_079 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_082 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_083 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_101 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_102 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_119 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_129 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_149 Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_150a Ioanna_Kourbela_SS14_151


Fashion Focus: Mohawk hairstyles in Fashion Photography.

The Vogue Netherlands May 2012 Photoshoot Stars a Savage Rianne ten Haken_1

Mohawk hairstyle that considered to be a warrior significance in Native American tradition is clearly visible in Fashion industry nowadays. The savage appearance of the Mohican hairdo is clashed with the sophisticated gowns, mixed with the neo-punk attitude and merged with the sporty classic. Presented in numerous openings from the colorful selection with the rainbow like effects, accentuated with feathers, braided like in the rustic fairy-tale, Mohican just proves that cannot be reserved to the 80’s punk subculture anymore.

Mohawk hairdo supposed to be a manifest signature for anarchy and opposition to consumptionism while with the progress of style became one of the trends that is frequently borrowed or even adopted in various versions on the catwalk, official and public events, photography and high street on every day basis.

Good or not, judge yourself . There is my favourite t-shirt from Panapoo “GPunk” that utterly covers the idea of punk attitude and style that I proudly wear on my daily basis.

Panapoo GPunk T-shirt
Panapoo GPunk T-shirt

Panapoo GPunk T-shirt buy here

Take a look on the Fashion Focus selection by EdelScope that unveils Mohawk hairstyles in Fashion Photography:

The Vogue Netherlands May 2012 Photoshoot Stars a Savage Rianne ten Haken

Saskia de Brauw by Jan Walters for Antidote

Ana Beatriz Barros for Elle UK March 2012

Aline Weber by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Paris February 2012 Beauty

Aline Weber by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Paris February 2012 Beauty

Coco Rocha for Dressed to Kill


Catherine McNeil Gets Dark for Greg Kadel in Numéro #151

Malgosia Bela by Karim Sadli for Vogue Paris


‘Marching to a Different Beat’ in Vogue Nippon

The Dazed & Confused ‘A Scanner Darkly’

Under Her Spell’ by Nick Knight for Vogue UK

Patricija M by Xi Sinsong for Bambi Issue 10

The Numero ‘Solitaire’ Photoshoot Stars Model Martha Hunt

Fashion Designer: Claudia Danna – “Visions between the end and the beginning”.

Claudia Andrea DannaVisions between the end and the beginning_11

Inspirations taken from natural world and animal ancestry enriched with tribal mystery,  symbolism and alchemy are the substratum of Claudia Danna‘s vision of fashion. The collection entitled “Visions between the end and the beginning” is the transition between two dark frontiers – the darkness of vanishing and the darkness that preludes the new beginning like the metamorphosis of a chrysalis. From one side we are introduced into the dark concept of death with the dark accents and taxonomic influences. From another side the vivid accents of palette ensure us about the darkness of rebirth like the end of one stage moves to beautiful transformation of a butterfly.  The dresses illustrate the armor constructions encapsulating the ethereal silk and lightweight chiffon, rigid rubber and arthropod designs outlining the mystical experience between the closing and initial point.

The collection “Visions between the end and the beginning” for Autumn/ Winter 2013-2014 was presented during the fashion week Altaroma Haute Couture . Thanks to the collection, the designer Claudia Andrea Danna became a winner of the “ Fashion Award Altieri – Best Talented Designer”.

Images are the courtesy of fashion designer Claudia Danna

Photo credits:

Photographer Maddalena Scutigliani
All clothing and styling Claudia Danna
Model Margarita

Claudia Andrea DannaVisions between the end and the beginning_6

Claudia Andrea DannaVisions between the end and the beginning_17

Claudia Andrea DannaVisions between the end and the beginning_2 Claudia Andrea DannaVisions between the end and the beginning_15 Claudia Andrea DannaVisions between the end and the beginning_10 Claudia Andrea DannaVisions between the end and the beginning_12

CHECK ALSO THE GALLERY Claudia Andrea Danna – “Visions between the end and the beginning”:


L’ILE AUX ASHBY – graphic magic mixture of “Cosmopolitan Beau”

Clever mixture of art deco, architecture, graphic geometry and pop culture is the indicator of “Cosmopolitan Beau “– color adorned graphic collection under the signature of L’ILE AUX ASHBY (pronounce as “L” “OR” “ASH” “B”).  Manifesting the style of a smart urbanite, the designer Rayson Tan invites us into the enchanting fashion art story unveiling bold graphic accessories and clothing. Precise cut detailing, classy cartoon trig and vivid diversity of colors encompass the concept of the collection in three essential attributes – quality, detail and exclusivity.

Crafted in cohesion with individuality, the collection depicts a medley of shapes revealing their importance in our lifestyles. Architectural twist of squares and rectangular shapes can provide us with the feeling of protection and safety. Circles along with art deco and pop culture inclinations enhance to fulfill the harmony in our lives. Triangular forms convey the dynamism of progression or movement. The fusion of all the influential shapes from the collection establish the state of mind and heart outlining complex yet unique balance.

The creative mind of L’ILE AUX ASHBY, Rayson Tan graduated from Communication Design from LASALLE SIA College of The Arts in Singapore. In 2005 he won Red Dot Design Concept, an international award signifying the prestige of good design in products. Having experience as a graphic designer, Rayson continued his fashion affinity with accessories design. L’ILE AUX ASHBY brand has many publications in VOGUE, VOGUE Italia, Glamour UK, Surface Asia and

Rayson believes that design is the welcome mist of air in our environment. “Design envelops us, creating an impact in our daily routine. I have a strong desire to create the best designs that will hopefully revolutionize the way people perceive their surroundings; my intentions are to unlock the eyes and provoke thoughts. I am often spellbound with the world around me and that is where I find my inspiration.” (Quoted text from the Press Release)


Special Thanks to Rayson Tan, the founder of L’ILE AUX ASHBY for help and assistance.

 Please Note:

The text is copyrighted. Do not copy!

Images are the courtesy of L’ILE AUX ASHBY

Do not use and copy without the permission of the designer.

Visit: Facebook:



 Images Credits:

L’ile aux Ashby – “Cosmopolitan Beau”
Model: Natalie |WM|
Featuring Designer: Rayson Tan |L’ile aus Ashby|
Stylist: Mile Supakasem
Photographer: Surachai Saengsuwan

 Check also the gallery: 


Futuristic coolness of clever geometry and clarity of minimalism mixed with the flirty vintage aura give a base topic for Cushnie et Ochs’s label for Spring/Summer 2012 season. The creative designers’ duo – Carly Cushine and MichelleOchs, believe in constant progress of forms and purpose. That is how they want to lead their fashion paths and creative growth. We may also observe their inventive signature relentlessly developing in sharp silhouettes, subtle intricacy in form, sophisticated tailoring and meticulous precision of drape craft. The Ad Campaign reveals body conscious edge merging into slight leather fetish that is cunningly exposed by the model, Milou Van Groesen with feminine A-line and pencil shapes. With her rockabilly pompadour and perfect styling by KeeganSingh, she emphasizes the distinctive attitude of Cushnie et Ochs. The subtle yet definite cuts, graphic insertions, smart drape, well-designed suiting are juxtaposed with monochromatic palette of white, citrine and pink. The ad pictorial captured by HughLipp allures with minimalism accentated by flames enhancing this edgy and darker nature of the baby doll appeal that Cushnie et Ochs’ signature may provide. The Ad Campaign was exclusively released for MDX  here.