‘MakeUp’ exhibition – Maurizio Anzeri

Maurizio Anzeri known for his innovative approach into imagery and craftsmanship was enlisted in the “MakeUp”Exhibition at the A Palazzo Gallery in Brescia, Italy. Among other 12 artistsMaurizio presented 2D and 3D portraits that clash the vintage culture of old photographs and embroidery mastership. As a result there is a collection ofaltered pictures creating fascination about transformative attributes with the experimentation in stitching. Anzeri’s passion for conversion is visible through the various techniques of needlework on the images. Maurizio seeks to present his own vision of “ideal beauty”. Because of the stiking contrast in the concept he explains to Dazed Digital: Beauty is always present, it is the idealthat is constantly changing”.
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Handcrafted Vogue Covers by Inge Jacobsen

Sewing as the tool of art in high fashion covers – why not?
Inge Jacobsen is one of those artists who reinterpret the reality with sewing art, collaging and cutting techniques with phenomenal results. One of her latest projects concerns Vogue Magazine covers as her final degree show for an exhibition in June at Kingston University in Central London. She plans to create a series of Vogue covers using cross-stitched methods.
Inge explains her artistic concept by saying : “My main concern as an artist is how one responds to the mass of imagery in the world.  Altering these is central to a lot of my work.”
Her embroidery art on the high fashion images explores numerous contexts of photography as well as outputs such uniqueness of the item that originally was aimed for mass production.

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