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DESIGN: Lamborghini Impec Bike.


Lamborghini Impec Bike.

One of the most sophisticated, but in the same time expensive bikes were produced by Lamborghini group in 2013 for their  50th Anniversary Lamborghini Edition impec.  What is worth-mentioning is the fact that the bike is plated in gold and encrusted in diamods. Continue reading DESIGN: Lamborghini Impec Bike.

ARCHITECTURE: Australia F2 Architecture Floating rental house.



“Our focus is on enhancing people’s lives through architecture” – the main keynote of the Australia F2 Architecture company that push the boundaries between dreams and reality of architecture and design. The idea of a floating house was initiated to break the rules of gravity from the specific point of view.  The house is located in the uphill area of coastal waters and gives the impression of suspension above the Fairhaven Beach and the Great Ocean Road. The illusion of the floating house is based on the huge 130 feet pole that lifts the building up in place. That’s the reason why the house is called ” The Pole House” resulting in one-of-a-kind experience with the picturesque view of the coastline in Australia.

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floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-4 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-7 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-8 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-10 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-11 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-13 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-14 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-15 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-17 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-18 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-22 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-23

Fashion Designer: Sporty Vigor in VIVACITA Spring Summer 2014 Lookbook.


Along with the Italian meaning of the fashion brand, Vivacita is the essence of vigor – the sporty energy mingles with the sleekness of the city style and comfort. The word “vivacita” originated from Italian language, expresses the concept of  vigor or energy. That name will definitely generate a positive connotation of the fashion statement presented by the brand. With the idea of slow fashion and timeless concept, the label focuses on the live dialogue between them and receivers.  The athletic twist and sleek designs infuse with the refined taste and ultimate style testimony proving the wearability that will work fine on the city bicycle trip as well as the glamor of fashion week feel.

The designer Chia Jen Chan  studied Industrial Design and fashion design at Milan’s prestige Istituto Marangoni of Fashion Design.


VIVACITA Spring Summer 2014 Lookbook

Official website:

Photography  by TK Yang

Model Julia Nykolyshyn at Linno,

Hair styling  by May,

Makeup artist Kevin Chen

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VIVACITA-Spring-Summer-2014-Lookbook-02 VIVACITA-Spring-Summer-2014-Lookbook-04 VIVACITA-Spring-Summer-2014-Lookbook-06 VIVACITA-Spring-Summer-2014-Lookbook-07 VIVACITA-Spring-Summer-2014-Lookbook-12 VIVACITA-Spring-Summer-2014-Lookbook-14 VIVACITA-Spring-Summer-2014-Lookbook-21

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Sharp fashion mathematics – Persephoni’s fashion-art accessories

Brand new accessories label Persephoni based in Athens, Greece brings a range of magical fashion-art factors from imaginative style statements to geometrical must-haves. Triangular necklaces, cubist braces, leather gloves with triangular or square stainless cuffs, cubist steel clutches are just few to numerate from the all mesmerizing collection of Persephoni’s brand.
The creative mind of Persephoni is a talented enthusiast of fashion who sharpened her skills as a set designer in television and theatre. Reflecting the synergy of fashion and design, the label of Persephoni has an enchanting power from every point of view whether we consider contemporary feel, shape innovations, retro illusions, futuristic embrace, or handmade production.(…)

The rest in my article  Persephoni: accessories as art


Sylvio Giardina’s Sculptural Womanity

Sylvio Giardina is a creative person, fashion designer, couturer who launches his eponymous label highlighting a new definition of womanhood – minimal and sculptural femininity avoiding the cliches. His signature is based on architectural inspirations deconstructing the forms in skillfull high-fashion tailoring. The designs are a great example of wearable fusion of fashion and art detailed with Plexiglass accessories. 
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Sylvio Giardina autumn / winter 2011 / 2012 collection

photographer: Severine Queyras
styling: Giacomo Simoni
hair-style: Tony Zinni
make-up: Luciano Squeo
Images: courtesy of Sylvio Giardina
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Rad Hourani Unisex Transformable Collection #7 AW11

Rad Hourani is a fashion designer with great scope of complexity and innovation. As he does not describe himself as an artist, fashion designer, filmmaker, writer, photographer or musician undoubtedly all those creative occupations absorb him unceasingly.   Known for his no boundaries’ transformable and experimental style and asexual and aseasonal approach, Rad Hourani aims at timelessness of his designs with the modern spirit for anti conformist individuals.
His latest collection #7 for season AW11 is based on transformative ideas of 6 garments in 22 looks what give very practical touch of unisex yet creative feeling.

Iris van Herpen "Crystallization" SS11

Having an exclusive premiere on “Crystallization”, the shoes hit the show of Iris van Herpen for season SS 11 with its archtectural wit and compatibility with liquid influences and transformative concept of water into crystals. My article on TRENDLAND MAGAZINE reveals the tip of this innovative inceberg.

Exceptional, fresh, wearable. These 3 words describe perfectly second prolific collaboration of Dutch designer and archtectural shoes label United Nude.

Both known for their predilection for unconvenional creativity designed sculptural high-heeled platform ankle booties released in 2 versions based on similar concept. 

Iris van Herpen