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Fashion Designer: Sporty Vigor in VIVACITA Spring Summer 2014 Lookbook.


Along with the Italian meaning of the fashion brand, Vivacita is the essence of vigor – the sporty energy mingles with the sleekness of the city style and comfort. The word “vivacita” originated from Italian language, expresses the concept of  vigor or energy. That name will definitely generate a positive connotation of the fashion statement presented by the brand. With the idea of slow fashion and timeless concept, the label focuses on the live dialogue between them and receivers.  The athletic twist and sleek designs infuse with the refined taste and ultimate style testimony proving the wearability that will work fine on the city bicycle trip as well as the glamor of fashion week feel.

The designer Chia Jen Chan  studied Industrial Design and fashion design at Milan’s prestige Istituto Marangoni of Fashion Design.


VIVACITA Spring Summer 2014 Lookbook

Official website:

Photography  by TK Yang

Model Julia Nykolyshyn at Linno,

Hair styling  by May,

Makeup artist Kevin Chen

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VIVACITA-Spring-Summer-2014-Lookbook-02 VIVACITA-Spring-Summer-2014-Lookbook-04 VIVACITA-Spring-Summer-2014-Lookbook-06 VIVACITA-Spring-Summer-2014-Lookbook-07 VIVACITA-Spring-Summer-2014-Lookbook-12 VIVACITA-Spring-Summer-2014-Lookbook-14 VIVACITA-Spring-Summer-2014-Lookbook-21

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Harem Royal – Screwpulous Jewelry. Beauty as a weapon.

Harem Royal – Screwpulous Jewelry is an exceptional place where beauty becomes a weapon according to its inseparable innate power. The camouflage of romantic ethereality clashing with unrestrained vigor of the nature capture all the juxtaposed factors of Harem Royal – delicateness of butterfly wings and strength of the precious metals, past influences and the homage of the present, softness of the perception and majestic cruelty. The creative mind of Harem Royal – Srdjan polished his creative background as a costume designer in theatrical environment continuing rich experience in the movie industry. Seeking for true knowledge Srdjan believes in sublime – “the beauty that settles for nothing and forgives no one. Beauty as a weapon. This profound blend morphing with combustible attraction.”  That is a complete depiction of femme fatale idea – the beauty that astonishes with uniqueness and besets with fierce. To acknowledge it means playing with the sharp edge of the razor blade. You are aware that the smooth surface of knife may end with cruel consequences but nothing can restrain you from touching the rigid blade. That goes along with the concept of Harem Royal that unifies meticulous craftsmanship with the dramatic touch of Medieval, Gothic and Neo Victorian refinement”. In order to find the balance between seductive nature of Orient and Western’s craving for power, Harem Royal main aim is to acquire an absolute contentment of the woman with her contradictory individuality and secret desires.  
The craftsmanship of Harem Royal is hidden in the handmade production that joins passion for artefact, astonishment of the innate transformation and weapon ardor influenced by pagan beliefs, Greek mythology and Jung’s- oriented perception of psyche and awe-inspiring majesty.
The jewels are made of mixture of precious metals including copper enriched with the palette of finishes ranging from the fines 24-karat gold plate to cupric patina in different forms. The striking ornamentation taken from the nature like exotic skins and fur, genuine butterfly, moth, dragonfly wings and pearls signature the exclusivity with eco friendly solutions. The collection is the response to the beauty of metamorphosis filling the gap between vulnerable chrysalis stadium and indestructible final.
When I encountered with the beauty of Harem Royal I was completely mesmerized with the concept not only because of the rate of my sensitiveness and secret desires. It was this specific kind of similar experience from my early years recited with poetic easiness by the creative mind of Harem Royal – Srdjan. He described the most important influences in his creativity through innocent amazement of childhood over the nature and all attributes that completely absorbed my own, pure, unpolluted feelings as a child – sunny days on the countryside, the smell of the meadows, aroma and softness of the humid soil, cool shadow of lush forests. You read his bio like a fascinating novel that instills your imagination with new realities. There is this entrancing power of rich influences from tradition that speak with unction about passion for nature, uncontaminated approach and perceptible supremacy of experience during childhood years. There are like whispers from the upbringing fascinating stories, the aura of the countryside, magnetic impressions of sun on the ocean, lonely walks by the coastline…

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Images: courtesy of Harem Royal
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BAO BAO Issey Miyake – A bag you can feel

BAO BAO Issey Miyake is an exceptional line of bags and pouches not only because of the three-dimensional feel mixed with the pixel pattern and futuristic tribute to origami art. Sustaining the creative functionality and modern spirit of our times the accessories by Issey Miyake indulges us in the inspiring game of transformation. The collection despite the diversity in colours, models and detailing have a common denominator: “shapes made by chance” indicator. Following the key expression: “roll it, fold it, lay it down and hold it”, BAO BAO Issey Miyake extends the meaning of accessories implementing the concept of functional art into our hectic lifestyle. Get twisted into the flexibility of styling and diverse nature of bags that comes along with the vivid array of hues and various styles.

BAO BAO Issey Miyake Lucent Seasonal Colors

The concept of BAO BAO prism pattern was also implemented in the Issey Miyake Menswear Autumn/Winter 2012/13 collection. Here are the models:

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Images are the courtesy of Issey Miyake

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Fashion inspiration: Sea creatures in Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2012

Remarkable collection of underwater thesis merged with the dignity of the ice queens was presented in a magnificent fashion translation stamped by Alexander  McQueen for Spring/Summer 2012 season. Sarah Burton, the creative mind of Alexander McQueen’s brand was highly inspired by the sea – one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring wonders of the nature. The cast of mythological sirens and glorious sea creatures followed the aquatic influence with the intricate, well-detailed masterpieces, complexity of forms and its multiple interpretations on fabrics. There was supremacy of lightweight materials like silk chiffon, organza and tulle giving the feeling of softness and finesse. The fabrics outlined the nature of the waterfalls, sea foams,oyster like designs, coral Raff forms implemented on the gowns  The palette of colors had very gentle and romantic feel with the scope for white, shell pink, silvery lilac and peach hues to gold opulence of matelassé Jacquard and strong coral-red. There was also a space for the signature of Gothic black in fetish transition of laser cut leather with lingerie detailing. Very interesting accent was presented through the lace headpieces. With the top-to-toe concept, the innovative treatment expressed the dramatic illusion of the sea.
The fashion show was the art presentation blurring the line between reality and theatrical performance depicting nymphs, ethereal beings and aquatic creatures.  Balancing among mathematical precision,couture artistry and costume design Sarah Burton managed to continue the legacy initiated by McQueen himself with the DNA of the house.  
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Images via 

Photographed by Kevin Tachman
Images via
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‘MakeUp’ exhibition – Maurizio Anzeri

Maurizio Anzeri known for his innovative approach into imagery and craftsmanship was enlisted in the “MakeUp”Exhibition at the A Palazzo Gallery in Brescia, Italy. Among other 12 artistsMaurizio presented 2D and 3D portraits that clash the vintage culture of old photographs and embroidery mastership. As a result there is a collection ofaltered pictures creating fascination about transformative attributes with the experimentation in stitching. Anzeri’s passion for conversion is visible through the various techniques of needlework on the images. Maurizio seeks to present his own vision of “ideal beauty”. Because of the stiking contrast in the concept he explains to Dazed Digital: Beauty is always present, it is the idealthat is constantly changing”.
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It came from the Sky – Artwork Maurizio Anzeri in photography by Richard Burbridge in Dazed and Confused

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Fashion inspiration: Snake in MariaFrancescaPeppe S/S’12

Snake – the symbol of fatalattraction and temptation as well as everlasting beauty that seduces withpoison attraction. Very frequently used in the Ancient Egypt serpent symbol hada great revival in 1970’s decade.  Thesymbol of snake gives a rich source of inspirations in the fashion field. Theemblem of the serpent can be also an inspiring foundation for the form of theaccessories. MariaFrancescaPeppe jewellery line is highly inspired by the serpentshape for her Spring/Summer 2012 collection. With the leading concept of“Jewellery Wear” accessories from MariaFrancescaPeppe has more personal meaningthat put emphasize on the uniqueness with avant-garde feel.
Striking lookbook with the genuinesnake spice up the editorial and give impact that is more interesting to theviewers. The collection reveals numerous interpretations of the serpent shape.There are geometrical forms with enameled eyes, rings in architecturalcontours, necklaces, cuffs and chained accessories.
Images via
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Denimu and his imaginative pictures of denim icons, portraits, cityscapes

There are numerous experimental andinnovative approaches in which fashion is presented through unconventional wayseither by recycled wood designs, traditional craftsmanship of the beadingskulls on the red sole heel, mesmerized jewellery with butterfly wings or evenby crafted Vogue covers as many more examples difficult to enumerate in one. Nevertheless,there is also an opposite direction of the fashion message with the use oftypical fabrics like denim for alternative purpose than jeans apparels. Ian Berry, known as Denimu is a Britishartist based in Sweden who uses denim fabrics for hisartistic work composing imaginative pictures of denim icons, portraits, cityscapesand many more.
Everything started from thechildhood memories accidentally reborn in one of the charity shops whileobserving a pile of cast off jeans. Ian completely amazed about the structure, fadedbeauty of the denim fabrics and their sea of shades decided to transform itinto the striking idea of denim images. That is how the concept of denimpictures was initialized. This is a captivating way of expression to evokeforgotten memories, the ability to materialize the thoughts and renewtraditional conventions. Denim always played an important role for Ian being fascinated by its richheritage and significance in the society. Becoming Denimu, he found his ownlanguage in which he could fluently present his artistic inspirations.

Images: Courtesy of Denimu
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Bjorg Jewellery – 2012 LOOKBOOK

Mysticism of ancient legends and surrealism of modern sci – fi odyssey are the keys that encapsulate the poetry, romance and futurism bewitched in Bjorg Jewellery. This is very unique and exceptional line not only because of its eco friendly approach or dedication to craftsmanship tradition. The concept that balances between fine and raw is the key to the mystery of Bjorg jewels. Surrealistic inspirations infused with Charles Darwin’s point of view and ancient truths of mythology summarize nomadic approach and industrial touch of accessories. That is probably because of the origins, creative background in art and inspirational life of the creator of the Bjorg Jewellery Bjorg Nordli Mathisen. As the supporter of nomadic lifestyle and everlasting traveling he searches for creative stimulus around the world. From the origin of Bjorg Jewellery in 2004 Bjorg releases two conceptual collections per year.  The latest line for 2012 entitled “Not all those who wander are lost” sounds like a proverb of wisdom whispered by the ancient prophets. You may feel these insubstantial powers through stunning lookbook conveying dreamlike scenarios of Misty Mountains where the time stopped in one point keeping the presence of Dark Knights and Beautiful Maidens captured in Arthurian Legends. The jewels reveal deep admiration for precious stones with iridescent colours, horsehair and feathers, claws, wings, chains and intricacy of spine construction and relic pieces.

Images VIA
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Fashion inspiration: Christian Louboutin’s “Mexibeads” & Beaded skulls by Huichol people of Mexico.

Beaded skulls impact with very strong impression of sophisticated exquisiteness, complex craftsmanship and quite controversial object of art presented by LN-CC.. The cascade of colors, patterns and techniques with painstaking accuracy flabbergast with elaborate artisanship of Huichol people of Mexico – the tribe with strong beliefs in powers of the nature through Sun God, spirits of the ancestors, and the four principle deities in the forms of Deer, Corn, Peyote and the Eagle. Settled in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Western Mexico, the Huichol people hold the tradition of beaded art for centuries.
Monsieur Christian Louboutin visibly inspired by the rich folklore of Mexican culture designed his renowned red sole high heels with reminiscent technique of colorful beads.  The decorative pumps entitled “Mexibeads” will definitely flavor every stylish look especially during holidays and carnival.

Images via

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ma_sy spring / summer 2012

ma_sy spring / summer 2012
photo: Moi Sofism
style: Olga Yanul
hair&make-up: Slava Chaika, Helen Khodos, Мирослава Лыфарь
models: Anna Bogdan, Inna Franco, Katya Dolzhenko, Lena Logvin, Olya Kostyukevych, Polina Moroz, Sasha Trishina, Valerie Samodaeva


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It came from the Sky – Artwork Maurizio Anzeri in photography by Richard Burbridge in Dazed and Confused


Do you remember my post about Handcrafted Vogue Covers by Inge Jacobsen ? This time it will be another sewing piece of art meeting with fashion. Edgy, slightly surrealistic editorial from Dazed&Confused May edition is the source of fusion between fashion and art giving 3 dimensional feeling. Painstaking sewing artwok of Maurizio Anzeri and experimental photography by Richard Burbridge push the boundries between reality and imagery.

Editorial: It came from the Sky
Photography by Richard Burbridge
Styling: Robbie Spencer
Artwork: Maurizio Anzeri
Models: Herieth Paul, Dempsey Stewart, Charlotte Free, Bethany Terry, Christoph Ribbe, Kaan Tilki, Miles Frank and Sen
Cast by Edward Kim

Images VIA

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Handcrafted Vogue Covers by Inge Jacobsen

Sewing as the tool of art in high fashion covers – why not?
Inge Jacobsen is one of those artists who reinterpret the reality with sewing art, collaging and cutting techniques with phenomenal results. One of her latest projects concerns Vogue Magazine covers as her final degree show for an exhibition in June at Kingston University in Central London. She plans to create a series of Vogue covers using cross-stitched methods.
Inge explains her artistic concept by saying : “My main concern as an artist is how one responds to the mass of imagery in the world.  Altering these is central to a lot of my work.”
Her embroidery art on the high fashion images explores numerous contexts of photography as well as outputs such uniqueness of the item that originally was aimed for mass production.

Images VIA
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Donna Karan Urban Zen Collection

I have heard many amazing stories about Bali and when I learnt about Donna Karan new furniture collection, I didn’t hesitate to release the flow of my inspirations in the article for Fashionising .

 Images VIA
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Yves Saint – Laurent Embossed Bangle

This Yves Saint Laurent luxurious bangle seems to be the masterpiece of the craftsmanship – detailed with mathematic precision, embossed with specific fingerprint design gives a magnificent and sophisticated touch. Toned with gold is the perfect example of subtle elegance.  
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