Fashion Designer: Atelier Loukia “Urban Poetry” Fall/Winter 2012 Collection.

Having a great honour to attend to the magical presentation of  “Urban Poetry” by the legendary Greek fashion designer Loukia at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, I had the feeling that I was introduced to the lyrical spectacle of pure essence of  grace and elegance by means of sophisticated simplicity.  It’s a very precious and rare concept in the Greek fashion stage opposing to the typical excess of “fashion” form without the deeper meaning. The collection “Urban Poetry” Fall/Winter 2012 became the fusion of the romantic heritage, vintage panache and metropolitan mistress creating the impressive finesse of the collection forming the notion of urban poetry – the melody hidden in the heart of contemporary fashion and art of haute couture. Along with the ethereal chic, nuptial smartness, the cascade of the sequined embellishments, ornamentation of pearls, pleated hints and embroidered intricacy, the silhouettes of the “Urban Poetry” were accomplished with the magnificent head pieces by Nicholas Georgiou and  gorgeous cuffs by Elena Kougianou.

Legendary Designer Loukia with her collection “Urban Poetry” Fall/Winter 2012

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Fashion Designer: KORLEKIE – Intricate Craftwork Glamour in “The Labyrinthic Web”

Korlekie is an emerging fashion brand that signifies the style of elaborate craftsmanship in a very sophisticated convention of luxury womenswear. Founded by Beatrice Korlekie Newman – a graduate with a distinction of a prestigious London College of Fashion, the designer with passions for creating refined avant-garde glamour. Merging old and forgotten craft and modern influences of the alternative modernity, Korlekie is regarded as one of the most promising designers in the latest years. Her show under interestingly encrypted name “The Labyrinthic Web” was showcased on London Fashion Week gathering flattering reviews and high opinions about significant signature of Korlekie. The inspiration was taken from the process of UV Mapping – complex 3D modelling process of making 2D image representation resulted in mesh resemblance formations. The stunning effect is based on the advanced scanning technology in 3D with the assisst of software programs to transform face scans into the mesh like structures. As a result, the patterns were used with the digital knit technology that could make the most accurate interpreration of the concept.

Brought up in African culture the designer is highly influenced by the diversity of materials and palette of colors. Focusing on the heritage of African culture, Beatrice expands the craftsmanship subject into her fascination about regal legacy of Tsars and artistic illustration work of Edmund Dulac in “1001 Arabian Nights”, Harry Clarke,  Arthur Rackham and many more. With such references Korlekie introduces us into the intricate world of breathtaking  labyrinths of embroidery, embellished thread variations and imaginative beading.

Thanks to the glamour presence, the Korlekie has also great celebrity supporters wearing her costumes on the red carpet, public events and video clips including Sabrina Washington for her debut single and video OMG, Shinghai Shoniwa, lead singer of British band The Noisettes, Alesha Dixon and Noelle Reno.The collections of Korlekie featured in numerous editorials and digital publications including, Elle, Fault, Dazed Digital, Dolce Vita, Kaleidoscope and many more.

Special Thanks to Beatrice Korlekie Newman – the founder of Korlekie for help and assistance.

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Fashion Designer: Sylvio Giardina – Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 Collection

Sylvio Giardina, as always continues to express his unique and individual hypothesis about a new femininity. With an insightful focus to the individuality of every woman and diversity of silhouettes, Sylvio successfully unveils a new scheme of a fashion design with fusion of art. The latest collection for Autumn/Winter 2012-13 season is a full expression of designers’ beliefs with fluid continuum of silhouettes, sculptural variety and classic delight into the futuristic inclinations. The costumes are not only a classy presentation with innovative twist. They have a specific expression of embracing the body structure with sinuous trig that forms infinite cycle around the silhouette. The smart detailing of volumes and contours accentuate the style distinctiveness.

The timeless feel is complemented with a distinguished palette of colors framing night blue, black, dark brown, dove-grey and moss-green in the collection. The innovative twist of the designs is performed on the classic fabrics including tweed, cashmere, flannel, wool jersey and organza. There is also an accent of ultramodern touch with the “leitmotiv” of the collections – polyethylene foam that is used for “limited editions” garment creating exceptional signature of Sylvio Giardina with contours and volumes.

Special thanks to Sylvio Giardina and Press Office.

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Fashion Designer: Angelos Frentzos – Life Savers Collection Men FW 2012/13

Life Savers, captivating fashion story released under the signature of Angelos Frentzos for Fall/ Winter 2012/13 season focuses on American road tripping vibe interlaced with grunge rock music impact from the end of 1980s.   The group of guys are travelling across the American landscapes, from freezing cold Alaska to sun drenched Los Angeles with the radio background sounds of Nirvana or Joy Division. They are life savers with mission to be accomplished. Because of the long journey rules their dress code should be functional and comfortable in one. The guys are wearing layers of clothes so that they can adjust to the changeable weather conditions and make a distinctive fashion statement simultaneously.  Double jersey pants are worn together with mohair shorts. Their outwear has a great diversity of woolen fleece capes, parachute bombers and handcrafted knit cardigans. Intensity of colors and folk prints fuse with the feel of relaxed elegance. Heading to the scorching sun of California their style is transformed into the glam approach with gold, silver and iron detailing intermingle with snowflakes designs and embroidery knits.

 Special thanks to the Press Office of Angelos Frentzos for help and assistance

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GlamBite: United Nude Spring/Summer 2012 – Geisha Hi

United Nude Spring/Summer 2012 - Geisha Hi

Geisha Hi – color blocking concept with Japaneese inspired shoe model depicts interesting clash of futuristic inclinations with the tribute to the rich origins. Perfect for strong fashion statement during summer days on the scorching sun. Vivid splash of hues just spice up the idyllic vibe.

preview of the collection HERE 

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Images: the courtesy of United Nude 

BAO BAO Issey Miyake – A bag you can feel

BAO BAO Issey Miyake is an exceptional line of bags and pouches not only because of the three-dimensional feel mixed with the pixel pattern and futuristic tribute to origami art. Sustaining the creative functionality and modern spirit of our times the accessories by Issey Miyake indulges us in the inspiring game of transformation. The collection despite the diversity in colours, models and detailing have a common denominator: “shapes made by chance” indicator. Following the key expression: “roll it, fold it, lay it down and hold it”, BAO BAO Issey Miyake extends the meaning of accessories implementing the concept of functional art into our hectic lifestyle. Get twisted into the flexibility of styling and diverse nature of bags that comes along with the vivid array of hues and various styles.

BAO BAO Issey Miyake Lucent Seasonal Colors

The concept of BAO BAO prism pattern was also implemented in the Issey Miyake Menswear Autumn/Winter 2012/13 collection. Here are the models:

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Fashion inspiration: Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 2012 inspired by Richard Sierra circled sculptures.

Urban sportif chic with geometrical cuts and asymmetric constructions form the main theme of Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 2012 catwalk. Metropolitan sportswear seems to be one of the most emerging trends for the oncoming season of summer, maybe because of the massive sport events that will happen on 2012. The creative designers’ duo from Helmut Lang label decided to focus on the glam of the active wear with the addition into 90’s fused with the artistic geometry of Richard Sierra Sculptures. As they explain: We wanted to try to do a few different volumes and shapes. We often combine different textures, different elements. We were also playing with contrasts, colours and textures playing off each other.(

Their sharp cut biker jackets with fluttering lapels compose interesting stories with hi-lo hem dresses, drape skirts and subtly appearing leggings as well as harem pants. Asymmetric bra midriff base hidden under the layers of sheer, lightweight fabrics and biker outwear highlighted the idea of relaxed unconstrained elegance with healthy vigorous lifestyle. That does definitely enclose with the feeling of comfort and practicality in wear and edgy chic look in one. The polished sleek back hairstyles also underlined the idea of full sport image.

 Puritan nature in the palette of colours depicts monochrome sets of pale alabaster, white, black and vivid dash of the sulphur yellow.  Despite that, the collection reveals rich inspirations around contemporary art of Richard Sierra with abstract brush strokes, geometrical forms and collages.  At the end of the catwalk presentations, there is an accent on leather and chunky embroidery together with sequins that emphasize the suggestion for evening wear looks.

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Fashion Inspiration: Iris van Herpen Spring/Summer 2012 Haute Couture inspired by the scientific photography of Steve Gschmeissner.

Iris van Herpen Spring/Summer 2012 Haute Couture
Human Flea - photography by Steve Gschmeissner

Iris van Herpen is young and very talented fashion designer that infuses her scope of creativity blurring the vision between fashion, art and technology. She successfully joins machinery with the tribute to the traditional craftsmanship and precious handwork.  Her collections are the presentations of the light vision of avant-garde that successfully conquers Parisian Haute Couture. As the graduate of the ArtEZ Insitute of the Arts in Arnhem in Netherlands in 2006 followed by thriving intern in Alexander McQueen, she decided to launch eponymous label in 2007. After that her indisputable talent and individuality on the fashion stage has been recognized at international level and awarded by professionals including Dutch Fashion Awards, RADO Young Designer Awards. She became also a member of the esteemed Chambre Syndical de la Haute Couture.

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Fashion Focus: Applique in Pre-Fall 2012

Appliqué seems to be one of the leading inspirations in the Pre-Fall 2012 collections. The result of needlework techniques is visible in numerous designs whether appear as intricate embroidery, jet beadings, numerous ornamentations and Indian inspired patterns. Designers used various ways of appliqué presentation highlighting both the signature of the brand and edginess of the technique.

In the Pre-Fall 2012 collection from Jason Wu there is a huge influence from India. As the designer admits, he was inspired by the image of Indian maharajahs. That is why he emphasized the regal idea of appliqué on the camel shaded cape with shoulder area decoration or collar embroidery as well as ornamented bodice.

 Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012
French signature of Monique Lhuillier visible through the sheer nature of lace mixes with the concept of appliqué forming chic solutions of tattoo illusions. Very elegant yet edgy ornamentation spices up classic form of little black or blue dresses or majestic gowns.


Monique Lhuillier Pre-Fall 2012
Oscar de la Renta plays with the traditional Hindu motivated appliqué and his ladylike signature on the outwear juxtaposed with acid yellow hues of pants. There is also embellished set of dress and sweater or striking ornamentation on the crème jacket contrasted with pleated orange dress.


Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2012

Inspired by 19th century aesthetic movement, Temperley London reveals the opulent side of femininity with ethereal meaning of appliqué. The dresses are decorated with the petal-like or bejeweled applications.


Temperley London Pre-Fall 2012
Erdem on the contrary mixed the appliqué concept with the lava splash or floral prints. The image inspiration of French actress JeanneMoreau managed to flow the vintage vibe with strong currents. The appliqué performed an interesting prelude in the volcano print dash of orange and then transformed into the ornamentation on the coat, tobacco hued wool skirt, lace like implementations on the royal blue dress as well as black and blue floral meadow on the acid yellow dress.
Erdem Pre-Fall 2012

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Sylvio Giardina’s Sculptural Womanity

Sylvio Giardina is a creative person, fashion designer, couturer who launches his eponymous label highlighting a new definition of womanhood – minimal and sculptural femininity avoiding the cliches. His signature is based on architectural inspirations deconstructing the forms in skillfull high-fashion tailoring. The designs are a great example of wearable fusion of fashion and art detailed with Plexiglass accessories. 
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Sylvio Giardina autumn / winter 2011 / 2012 collection

photographer: Severine Queyras
styling: Giacomo Simoni
hair-style: Tony Zinni
make-up: Luciano Squeo
Images: courtesy of Sylvio Giardina
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