PHOTOGRAPHY: Minimal Geometry by Paolo Pettigiani.


The photographic series “Geometrie #1” is the signature work of architectural photographer Paolo Pettigiani. The collection highlights multum peculiar shapes of the buildings, as well as the graphical mosaic of colors and forms in the cityscape. They seem to be unreal, almost kept in cubic concept. The images give an impression to be situated in different realm as the part of the ‘non-place’ location, stored somewhere in our imagination. In fact, the pictures are captured in real locations though. The photographer wanted to express the idea of relevant place showcasing minimalistic geometry as a result.  Continue reading “PHOTOGRAPHY: Minimal Geometry by Paolo Pettigiani.”


DESIGN: Intergalactic table by Brooksbank & Collins.

Boullee-Table-Brooksbank-Collins-4Brooksbank & Collins’ Boullee Table  – exquisite in form and distinguished in concept. Continue reading “DESIGN: Intergalactic table by Brooksbank & Collins.”


PHOTOGRAPHY: Project ‘Temptations’ by photographers Nick Frank and Jeannette Hägglund.

project 'Temptations', photographers Nick Frank and Jeannette Hägglund_7

The captivity of minimalism in the urban images is a very interesting topic for photography. The idea of eclectic imagery of the cityscape was captured by photographers Nick Frank and Jeannette Hägglund. The result was stunning, not only because of the lucid architectural elements, but also the juxtaposition of the vivid spectrum of colors, shapes and structures in modern cities. The locations were also selectively splendid – Copenhagen and Malmö that are the cradles of the architectural wonders in Scandinavia.

Continue reading “PHOTOGRAPHY: Project ‘Temptations’ by photographers Nick Frank and Jeannette Hägglund.”


DESIGN: Kinetic ‘Insecta’ Lamps by U-Ram Choe.

At first sight, it looks like a meticulous construction that was created with the passion to every single detail and impressive knowledge about technology and design. Continue reading “DESIGN: Kinetic ‘Insecta’ Lamps by U-Ram Choe.”


ARCHITECTURE: The Research Pavilion at the University of Stuttgart.

The captivating design of the Research Pavilion at the University of Stuttgart recalls numerous possible connotations because of the characteristic shape. Continue reading “ARCHITECTURE: The Research Pavilion at the University of Stuttgart.”