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FASHION: The B. by Federico Barrazzo Spring/Summer 2016.


Fashion brand The B. by Federico Barrazzo that released Spring/Summer 2016 collection went for a bold play game of chromatic contrasts giving free flow  to spots of color, as a way of filling up the voids, in an extreme synthesis of the shapes.The collection is the unveiling of maxi t-shirts, dresses, crop tops, boxer shorts and skirts with the focus on curves along with the basic colors like black, white and beige. They are pulled together and lighten up with bright red in a smart manner. The main concept hidden behind the line is the emphasis of the silhouette and the lightness of the materials, based on a deliberation on the concept of “harmony”. The leading colour base consists of beige, sky blue and white streaks, interchanged with transparencies. They are paired with white and red crêpe on the maxi tank top, with black satin on the t-shirt/skirt ensemble and again with white crêpe on the long dress.

The iconic backpack-purse Transitorial model is reshaped in size. The harmonic curves of the collection are shaped on the new satchel bag model in two color pairings: white-black and white-red. The detailing is quite interesting – faux leather with gold zips, snap-hook rings and eyelets. The main intention of the designer is to elevate elements of street-style and sportswear, taking them to a new pure aesthetic dimension, mainly aiming for unisex features. The spectrum of lenghts is divided into main three categories –  mini – midi –maxi.

Images are the courtesy of the designer Federico Barrazzo

Visit also the Official website



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