PHOTOGRAPHY: Minimal Geometry by Paolo Pettigiani.


The photographic series “Geometrie #1” is the signature work of architectural photographer Paolo Pettigiani. The collection highlights multum peculiar shapes of the buildings, as well as the graphical mosaic of colors and forms in the cityscape. They seem to be unreal, almost kept in cubic concept. The images give an impression to be situated in different realm as the part of the ‘non-place’ location, stored somewhere in our imagination. In fact, the pictures are captured in real locations though. The photographer wanted to express the idea of relevant place showcasing minimalistic geometry as a result. 

Image-by-photographer-Paolo-Pettigiani Geometric-architecture Graphic-compositions-in-architecture Shadows-and-architectural-forms Blue-and-white-shades Minimalism-and-architecture Blue-and-orange-shades Minimalist-photography Contrasting-colors-and-geometric-shapes

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