Mesmerizing, raw, sculptural, precise and geometrical … The photography by Ralf Wendrich.


The meticulous precision of geometry, harmony of colors and daydreaming concept of the real objects define every single aspect of the photography by Ralf Wendrich. In this logic calculation we may easily find some subversive hint of illusion behind.

The spiral stairs, perspective shots, never -ending tunnels impress with a sense of infinity. Along with the monochromatic palette of colors and captivating parallax of the pictures, the observer may have the feeling that he was transferred into another dimension.

Images via

Architecture-Photography-Ralf-Wendrich-265253 Architecture-Photography-Ralf-Wendrich-4563524 Architecture-Photography-Ralf-Wendrich-8775643

Ralf-Wendrich_14600_413 Ralf-Wendrich_12600_413 Ralf-Wendrich_11600_413 Ralf-Wendrich_10600_398 Ralf-Wendrich_9600_413 Ralf-Wendrich_8600_399 Ralf-Wendrich_7600_413 Ralf-Wendrich_6600_436 Ralf-Wendrich_5600_402 Ralf-Wendrich_4600_413 Ralf-Wendrich_3600_420 Ralf-Wendrich_2600_400 Ralf-Wendrich_1600_402 Ralf-Wendrich_1

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