Photography: Mythology of the Unseen by Petros Kublis.

“Mythology of the Unseen”. The series of captivating images by Petros Cublis  depict slippery frontier between the harsh reality and mythological suspense. Petros_Koublis_19-900x598The photography speaks by itself:

Petros_Koublis_27-900x597 Petros_Koublis_26-900x598 Petros_Koublis_25-900x597 Petros_Koublis_24-900x598 Petros_Koublis_23-900x597 Petros_Koublis_22-900x598 Petros_Koublis_21-900x597 Petros_Koublis_20-900x598 Petros_Koublis_19-900x598 Petros_Koublis_18-900x597 Petros_Koublis_17-900x590 Petros_Koublis_16-900x597 Petros_Koublis_15-900x598 Petros_Koublis_14-900x597 Petros_Koublis_12-900x598 Petros_Koublis_11-900x597 Petros_Koublis_10-900x597 Petros_Koublis_09-900x598 Petros_Koublis_08-900x597 Petros_Koublis_07-900x597 Petros_Koublis_06-900x598 Petros_Koublis_05-900x597 Petros_Koublis_04-900x597 Petros_Koublis_03-900x597 Petros_Koublis_02-900x597 Petros_Koublis_01-900x598 Petros_Koublis_0-900x597

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