The beauty of Japanese streets and landscapes by Takashi Yasui Photography.

Takashi Yasui Photography_4Japan – my secretive love… Japan have always amazed me by its insightful homage to tradition and openess to innovation and technology. When I found the captivating pictures of Takashi Yasui, I only said to myself – “This is it “- the Japan of my dreams and wonders. Needless to say more. This contrast between passion of Japanese folklore and continuous technological development is the most striking in my belief.


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Take a look of this wonderful photography: Takashi Yasui Photography_2 Takashi Yasui Photography_3 Takashi Yasui Photography_1 Takashi Yasui Photography_5 Takashi Yasui Photography_6 Takashi Yasui Photography_7 Takashi Yasui Photography_8 Takashi Yasui Photography_9 Takashi Yasui Photography_10 Takashi Yasui Photography_11 Takashi Yasui Photography_12 Takashi Yasui Photography_13 Takashi Yasui Photography_14 Takashi Yasui Photography_15

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