The vibrant aesthetics of Mai-Gidah fashion brand are mostly encapsulated by dreamlike vibe and cartoon-ish juxtaposition mingled with the chinoiserie’s birds motif. Mai_Gidah_1421The creamy shades include pinky and white palette as well as dusty baby blue, two tone black and intensive red. The overwhelming feeling of protection is exposed by minimised structural seams and maximised by oversized covered buttons, the wraparound detailing  forming modern tailoring ahead. The mixture of captivating shapes and hues are compatible with Mai Gidah legacy of pristine creativity and innovation.

Mai_Gidah_1562 Mai_Gidah_0551

The fluid shapes and discreet tailoring represent the picture of desinger’s concept and the theme core of the label.  There is a great room for intricacy, skillful technique and functionality.

Mai_Gidah_0102 Mai_Gidah_1330

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