Mesmerizing images of Michele Durazzi coalesce architecture, minimalism of photography and surrealism of cityscapes. The Florence – based artist created this project “What is metaphysics” after the idea of a philosophical work by Martin Heidegger. The zoom-in geometry, 3D images, surreal minimalism and architecture are about to showcase blurring borders between the fantasy and reality.  The concept of minimalism is cleverly captured the by base of white and blue colors.  There are numerous elements that sustain the fairy-tale like cityscape merging with the nature : a vortex in the public square, clad elevation accompanied with the water reflection, a circular swimming pool seen from aerial view and many more.  Just take a look!

Images via designboom.comMichele-Durazzi_Architecture_021

michele-durazzi-surreal-cityscapes-juxtapose-nature-architecture-designboom-07 Michele-Durazzi_Architecture_14 Michele-Durazzi_Architecture_13 Michele-Durazzi_Architecture_10 Michele-Durazzi_Architecture_09 Michele-Durazzi_Architecture_08 Michele-Durazzi_Architecture_07 Michele-Durazzi_Architecture_06 Michele-Durazzi_Architecture_05 Michele-Durazzi_Architecture_04 Michele-Durazzi_Architecture_03 Michele-Durazzi_Architecture_01

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