ART: Alexey Kondakov Photoshops classic art.


Merging art and Photoshop manipuation can result in stunning effects as proved by Alexey Kondakov Photoshops classic art.  The Ukrainian art director surpasses the borders of daily routine and classical masterpieces by the presentation of his The Daily Life Of Gods series.  In this collection of images the frontiers of celestial figures to become “dethroned” from the frames of well-known masterpieces to the everyday reality of metro stations, buses and modern street situation . Check the results by clicking the gallery  and share your opinion.
classical-paintings-photoshopped-in-modern-day-kiev-by-alexey-kondakov-Bacchus-sur-un-trone-Caesar-Van-Everdingen classical-paintings-photoshopped-in-modern-day-kiev-by-alexey-kondakov-La-jeunesse-de-Bacchus-Bouguereau classical-paintings-photoshopped-in-modern-day-kiev-by-alexey-kondakov-Le-chant-des-anges-Bouguereau classical-paintings-photoshopped-in-modern-day-kiev-by-alexey-kondakov-L-eveil-du-coeur-Bouguereau classical-paintings-photoshopped-in-modern-day-kiev-by-alexey-kondakov-Nymphes-et-un-satyre-BouguereauCLICK ON THE GALLERY:


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