Fashion Ad: SCHIELD photofilm captured by Diego Diaz Marin.


SCHIELD, Italian jewellery brand likes to push the boundries with captivating designs created by the designer Roberto Ferlito as well as enchanting ad campaigns captured by the photographer Diego Diaz Marin.The latest new “Photofilm” called “LULULULU”  unveils their new jewellery collection ( for Fall/Winter 2015/16 season. This a photographic Story photographed and directed by Diego Diaz Marin, where you can see a story about running away from hospital.


Creative Direction and Photography: Diego Diaz Marin @diegodiazmarin
Model: Arci (INDEPENDENT Milan)
Hair and Make up: Nino Maiorana @ninomaiorana
Jewellery: Roberto Ferlito @robertoferlito
Schiled_photofilm_12 Schiled_photofilm_10 Schiled_photofilm_13 Schiled_photofilm_6 Schiled_photofilm_2 Schiled_photofilm_1

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