The use of black and white vintage photographs with the visuals of nature creates very interesting vibe of clashing images that present catchy stories behind. As the talented author of these collages, MERVE ÖZASLAN, believes herself that we are the part of the nature. She puts a question mark in the presentation of those collages whether urbanization and mechanization is in our favour or against us – humanity vs technology. We become detached from the nature with all the improvements of the modern world. That is why  Özaslan merges the innocence in vantage photos together with the beauty of the nature presented in precise cuts.

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merve-ozaslan-11 merve-ozaslan-10

Brick Lane cafe owner. East London England. 1974
Brick Lane cafe owner. East London England. 1974

merve-ozaslan-7 merve-ozaslan-5 merve-ozaslan-4 merve-ozaslan-3 merve-ozaslan-2 merve-ozaslan-1 Merve_Özaslan_art_collage_13 Merve_Özaslan_art_collage_12 Merve_Özaslan_art_collage_05 Merve_Özaslan_art_collage_04 Merve_Özaslan_art_collage_02 COLLAGES BY MERVE ÖZASLAN_4 COLLAGES BY MERVE ÖZASLAN_3 COLLAGES BY MERVE ÖZASLAN_2

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