GLAM EYE: The collaboration of Giorgio Armani and Piaggio on the Vespa 946 Emporio Armani.


The collaboration of two icons – fashion guru and cult scooter company was the consequence of two important events –  Giorgio Armani’s 40th anniversary and 130 years of the Piaggio Group.

This exclusive partnership resulted in a limited edition Vespa ‘946 Emporio Armani’ that encapsulates the Italian style and creativity in an ultra sophisticated opening. The latest model is designed to unveil the sleekness of grey in many shades as well as reflection in green visible under the certain light conditions.

Images via

giorgio-armani-vespa-designboom-01-818x545 giorgio-armani-vespa-designboom-02-818x1145 giorgio-armani-vespa-designboom-03-818x1122 giorgio-armani-vespa-designboom-04-818x862

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