DESIGN: The Amangiri Resort and Spa.


The Amangiri Resort and Spa in southern Utah, is a collaboration between three architects: Marwan Al-Sayed, Wendell Burnette and Rick Joy.

Images via

The Amangiri Resort and Spa_1 amangiri-resort_140515_20-800x529 amangiri-resort_140515_19-800x540 amangiri-resort_140515_18 amangiri-resort_140515_17-800x592 amangiri-resort_140515_16-800x1068 amangiri-resort_140515_15 amangiri-resort_140515_14-800x599 amangiri-resort_140515_13 amangiri-resort_140515_10-800x554 amangiri-resort_140515_09 amangiri-resort_140515_08 amangiri-resort_140515_06-800x597 amangiri-resort_140515_05-800x597 amangiri-resort_140515_04-800x598 amangiri-resort_140515_03-800x597

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