Fashion Photography: Sasha Melnychuk for ELLE Bulgaria.



Magazine:  ELLE Bulgaria

Fashion photographer Lado Alexi

Stylist Lukas Blasberg

Model Sasha Melnychuk

Hair and makeup courtesy of Christian Schild at N Management.

Images via

Sasha-Melychuk-ELLE-Bulgaria-Lukas-Blasberg-06-620x813 Sasha-Melychuk-ELLE-Bulgaria-Lukas-Blasberg-05-620x813 Sasha-Melychuk-ELLE-Bulgaria-Lukas-Blasberg-04-620x832 Sasha-Melychuk-ELLE-Bulgaria-Lukas-Blasberg-03-620x829 Sasha-Melychuk-ELLE-Bulgaria-Lukas-Blasberg-01-620x813 Sasha-Melychuk-ELLE-Bulgaria-Lukas-Blasberg-07-620x828

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