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ART: Fiber Optics Art Installations by Carlo Bernardini.


Fiber Optics Art Installations by Carlo Bernardini.

Images via 

Check also the official website of the artist Carlo Bernardini here

Light-Works-by-Carlo-Bernardini Carlo-Bernardini Carlo-Bernardini-1 Carlo-Bernardini-2 Carlo-Bernardini-3 Carlo-Bernardini-4 Carlo-Bernardini-5 Carlo-Bernardini-6 Carlo-Bernardini-7 Carlo-Bernardini-8 Carlo-Bernardini-10 Carlo-Bernardini-61 Carlo-Bernardini-Art-Installation Carlo-Bernardini-ArtLight-Festival Carlo-Bernardini-Fiber-Light-Art Carlo-Bernardini-Fiber-Light-Installation Carlo-Bernardini-Fiber-Optics-Art Carlo-Bernardini-Fiber-Optics-Art-Installation Carlo-Bernardini-Fiber-Optics-Installation Carlo-Bernardini-Fiber-Optics-Sculptures Carlo-Bernardini-Light-Sculptures Carlo-Bernardini-Sculptures Carlo-Bernardini-Vacuum-Delloro-Arte-Contemporanea

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