Fashion Inspiration: IVAN – Geometry-inspired jewellery line unveiled in their first collection “MMXV”.


The brand-new jewellery line by „IVAN” is highly inspired by the simplicity of geometry a fashion–focused concept of mathematical forms and shapes. The creative mind behind the IVAN brand is a Swedish artist – Ivan Pettersson who investigated about the the boundries between simplicity and the aspects of beauty in order to create unisex pieces of wearable architecture.

According to the Ancient Greek, the geometry that stands for γεωμετρία can be divided into two parts geo- “earth”, -metron “measurement”. This branch of mathematics is concerned with notions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space and is a perfect base for an innovative concept of IVAN jewellery. Not only because of its aesthetics itself, but also feedback as a fashion statement. By focusing on the pureness of traditional silversmithery, every single item of the collection is treated with special attention and produced as a piece of art. The jewellery pieces are handcrafted using a one-use only wax mould and high quality 925 silver – some items are finished with gold plating.

Worth-mentioning is also a captivating idea of a lookbook campaign of IVAN line as presented on their website and Instagram The half painted model with androgynous type of beauty is painted with pitch black color on hands and torso. The precise division between his skin and black color represents the unisex inclinations of purity in mathematical measures as well emphasize the clean conception of geometry.

Take a look at the impressive gallery of Ivan Geometry-inspired jewellery line unveiled in their first collection “MMXV”:




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