Fashion Inspiration: Icelandic Raw Nature in Staskauskas’ Jewelry Collection.

Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_02-600x600The raw nature of Iceland is a captivating theme for  Staskauskas’ Jewelry Collection encapsulating the purity of landcapes, lax mountains as well as conglomerate mixtures. The collection is composed of 70 unique , handmade pieces that unveil idiosyncratic styles, irregular forms and craved blocks. For the maintenance of the innovatory concept is complemented by both natural and syntetic materials such as volcanic ash, crushed lava, artificial resin, carbon, iron bones, gold and plastic.

The artist that stays behind the innovative idea of jewellery, Benas Staskauskas,  present his vision by saying:

“I call it performative sculpture and this includes basically any form and scale body related object. In other words – it’s a trigger point for characters behavior.”

Images via

Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_22-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_21-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_20-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_19-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_18-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_17-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_16-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_15-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_14-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_13-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_12-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_11-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_10-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_08-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_07 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_05-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_04-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_03-600x600 Staskauskas-Jewellery_Peak1.2_01-600x600


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