Fashion Photography: Kasia Struss by Rafael Stahelin for Vogue Korea.



Vogue Korea

Photography by Rafael Stahelin

Model Kasia Struss

Fashion stylist Ye Young Kim

Hair by Tamara McNaughton

Makeup by makeup artist Cythia Sobek

Images via

Kasia-Struss-Vogue-Korea-Rafael-Stahelin-07 Kasia-Struss-Vogue-Korea-Rafael-Stahelin-06 Kasia-Struss-Vogue-Korea-Rafael-Stahelin-05 Kasia-Struss-Vogue-Korea-Rafael-Stahelin-04 Kasia-Struss-Vogue-Korea-Rafael-Stahelin-03 Kasia-Struss-Vogue-Korea-Rafael-Stahelin-02 Kasia-Struss-Vogue-Korea-Rafael-Stahelin-08

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