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Fashion Designer: Sylvio Giardina Spring/Summer 2014

SS2014 Sylvio Giardina_13

The mixture of sporty attitude, couture craft and denim influences are the factors that will definitely catch the attention for the Summer 2014. All of them are skillfully embraced by Sylvio Giardina’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection giving a flow to versatility and development of personal style. Praising the blunt volumes, vibrant contradictions of denim and tulle as well as a palette of romantic shades, the designer surpasses the vision of established fashion. With the game of antimony, the collection outlines the perfect picture of  couture and sport alignment.  Additionally, mesh elements, ethereal tulle and sensual transparency merge all together creating the tattoo illusions on the intricate constructions.


photo Martina Scorcucchi
stylist Maurizio Gentile
model Mayya Skripchenko
make-up Mary Cesardi
hair Simone for Toni&Guy Roma

Images are the courtesy of Sylvio Giardina Press Office.


SS2014 Sylvio Giardina_1 SS2014 Sylvio Giardina_2 SS2014 Sylvio Giardina_6 SS2014 Sylvio Giardina_8 SS2014 Sylvio Giardina_12 SS2014 Sylvio Giardina_16 SS2014 Sylvio Giardina_15



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