Cretan folklore in a modern significance by Haute Angelo

Fashion Designer: Cretan folklore in a modern significance by Haute Angelo

The times when craftsmanship and traditional clothing are rare virtues in the fast fashion world replete with mechanization, ever returning trends, crisis (especially in Greece and Europe) and plagiarism, there is a decent glimpse of hope of the personalized novelty with the turn into the rich folklore origins.

Haute Angelo is a Greek fashion designer with comprehensive experience in the industry and genuine passion for fashion. The expression ”passion for fashion” in his case is a true meaning opposing to the overrated and overheard phrase used frequently nowadays. Few weeks ago, Haute Angelo took part in the exhibition curated by Greek Historical Costume Museum at the Lyceum Club of Greek Women in Athens, Greece. It was a great occasion to showcase his unique fashion signature with the Cretan influences.

Focusing on the theme of traditional Greek costumes and it’s response in contemporary fashion, Angelo strived for the presentation and importance of his Cretan origins. The captivating design unveils the concept of Cretan warrior inspired by  minimalism and modern feel together with the handcraft techniques, original crocheting and elaborate lacework from Crete. Maintained in a black color and translucent fabrics, the costume is the entire handmade design. The attire consists of structured top with asymmetrical one shoulder construction. The style is intensified with the impressive shawl-hood that gives a tribal twist to the costume. The bottom part is designed in a form of pleated harem pants with the transparent feature, enchanting lace trimmings and impressive applique work on the sides.  The whole costume is enriched with the authentic Cretan crochet on the edges accentuating the Cretan spirit and intricacy of this folklore art. With a strong versatile message the attire that was created for the museum exhibition can be worn for many different occasions emphasizing the tradition as the efficient clue for a fashion impact. What is more, a great asset of the costume is intensified with the unisex feel that results in an androgynous outlook of the design.

I am a supporter of artistic creativity in fashion that has a great practical value as well. I seek for creative people like Haute Angelo who  designs for passionate self-expression in fashion and develop its wearable aspect. And I have a great luck in my life that I encounter such people with pure aesthetics and beliefs about fashion as a source of art, design and eloquence through the wearable attributes. Unfortunately, there is a harsh economical crisis especially in Greece that hinders professional and artistic development at distinct level in this country.  There are fashion talents in Greece that should evolve and Haute Angelo is definitely one of them.

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