Fashion Photography: “Flight Patterns” by JUCO Photo

Magnetic collage of colors, patterns, textures and fashion in one. “Flight Patterns” is an exceptional unveiling of the illusional mosaic with exotic accents of Ara parrot and 1960’s twist. Retro vibe merges with juicy colors, vivid splash of positive energy and tropic summer aura.

“Flight Patterns”
Fashion Story shot for San Francisco Magazine, by JUCO

Special thanks to Julia Galdo for help and assistance

Please note:

The images are the courtesy of Julia Galdo and JUCO Photo

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JUCO Photo

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  1. Cassie says:

    I can’t even look at the girl because the bird is so pretty. He does compliment her well though.


    1. MagdaLena says:

      Yes the birds are absolutely fantastic! I love this collage patterns impressions as well 🙂


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