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Elizabeth Taylor & Marilyn Monroe illustrated

Elizabeth Taylor – one of a kindactress and icon of Hollywood Golden Age  while passing away she left behindunforgettable memoirs of her glamour and striking beauty – trademark eyebrows,azure eyes and fascinating personality.
To immortalize the image of Elizabeth Taylor, illustrator David Downtown designed a series of illustrationsof enchanting Liz in for Chinese ROUGE Magazine. The fusion of fashion and art seems tohave a perfect marriage on the illustration’s field. 

This reminds me of “Marilyn Monroe” collage composed by a Greek artist– Haute Angelo. The image you can find also here, on the Vintage Leather ind.Blog as well as in the Danaos Cinema in Athens, Greece. I will write another post with thedetails about the collage.  
Marilyn Monroe” collage: courtesy of Haute Angelo

Images of Elizabeth Taylor via 

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