Zombie Boy, Monika ‘Jac’ Jagaciak, Maddie Kulicka, Emilia Nawarecka in Yes we care – Fashion Magazine Poland Summer 2011

Rico Genest, better known as Zombie Boy,together with young top model Monika ‘Jac’ Jagaciak compose a great shoot on thecover of Fashion Magazine Poland Summer 2011. The cover going along with theeditorial “Yes, we care” is a multicolored presentation of social demonstrationwhere Zombie, Jac, Maddie Kulicka and Emilia Nawarecka become ready to stand and fight fortheir laws activists.
Photography :Zuza Krajewska and Bartek Wieczorek
Styled by AndrzejSobolewski
Models: Monika „Jac”Jagaciak, Rico Genest aka „Zombie Boy”, Maddie Kulicka, Emilia Nawarecka.
Hair: Kacper Rączkowski/D’visionArt
Characterisation:Paula Dźwigała
Stylistassistants: Bartosz Tobiasz Kujawa, Paulina Pyszkiewicz
Set design:Natalia Kacper Mleczak, Maciek Banasik

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